25.07.2023 | “It’s Time to Make Some Little Changes”

Lyrics: “Little Changes” ~ Frank Turner, 2018

These past few days some more profound / “deep” thoughts have been lurking somewhere in my mind. Or not thoughts so much as issues and questions I should probably think about with a bit more focus. To journal about them to maybe work through some of them. I’m shying away from that at the moment, because I’m not sure I’m ready to handle what that will lead to. Vaguely writing about it here might be a first step to acknowledge that I need to work on something though.

Work | I was working from home these past two days as I usually do on Monday and Tuesday. Summer usually is a more laid back time at work, which is nice and last week gave me time to properly focus on some tasks that needed some uninterrupted hours to focus on. This week my days weren’t too busy or at least not too disjointed from various tasks and projects. Except a lot of various calls and video calls with my supervisor who will be on leave for all of August and we need to make decisions and finalize stuff before that.

With all the business I notice myself being less stressed about it than I could have been or than I would have been in previous years. I’ve got more responsibilities now and I’m surprisingly fine that. Most of the time. A short while ago I noticed on the office VoIP app I have on my phone that our department head had tried to phone me earlier. It already had been after office hours so I do not have to feel bad about being out of reach and neither for not calling him back after I saw the notification. But of course I did. Luckily just for a tine moment and then I put the thought aside and said to myself I’ll deal with it all tomorrow during office hours.

Routines | I’m mostly still doing fine with my plan to use an app to schedule smaller tasks / routines for me throughout the day and not feel like a lazy bum and failure by the end of each day. Besides trying to reduce my social media time (the rebrand does help with that because… ugh!), I’m also trying to replace that time with some helpful (informative / educational) reading and schedule time for that.

The photo shows a opened newspaper and news magazine on a table. On the right side is a stack of two books: Cultural Amnesia by Clive James and TIny Traumas by Dr. Meg Arroll

This is what my kitchen table looks like most days these days. I plan to read at least 15 minutes of news and both of the books each day.

Cameras | I received the 2nd hand camera I bought and I think it will work fine for my purpose, but I guess I’ll only really know once I’ve tested it in “live gig” situation. Unfortunately the recommerce service I used didn’t value my expensive camera as high as I had hoped (or expected from the online estimate). They claim there were too many small signs of use and that they can’t re-sell them. I could have requested that they send it back, but instead I accepted the few Euros they were offering for letting them gut the camera for spar parts they can use. I know I wouldn’t have made the effort to sell it otherwise and just would have put it into an e-waste bin for recycling at some point. This way I made a bit of money from that after all.

Running | Yesterday early in the morning before the rain hit I drove to the rail trail to do my next “big” run of 2.4 km. I’ve obviously passed the “running interspersed with walking” level of my running plan as the next runs will also be “mere running” runs. Only 1.6 km ones though. I did alright on the 2.4 km, even though it was a bit difficult towards the end. Luckily I knew from my pace in the previous runs how long the 2.4 would take me and could compile the playlist accordingly. As the weather forecast predicts more rain for the next few days, especially Thursday, I will probably bring forward the Thursday run to tomorrow, either in the morning before work or in the afternoon. It’s just 25 minutes thing and even I can squeeze that in if I’m being honest.

I almost don’t recognize myself, thinking and writing about squeezing runs into my day. But I like this version of myself…

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