17.07.2023| “So While You Can, Take a Picture of Us…”

Lyrics: “Polaroid Picture” ~ Frank Turner, 2013

I might regret my lack of impulse control in the next few days as I couldn’t let the ‘replace my point and shot camera’ idea go. After work – when the rain once again kept me from running my errands – I looked into it a bit more. The lack of impulse control especially came into play because I have another gig to go to in two weeks and if I replace my ‘gig camera’ it needed to be now.

The camera I had picked has been on the market for a while, so most retailers don’t have it readily available. In the end I opted to buy it second-hand (with 1 year warranty) at the same place I had planned to sell my old ‘good’ camera to as well as the current ‘point and shoot’ one. Because they will be able to send it right away. If all goes as planned the new (2nd hand) camera will only cost me about 130 € in the end. Of course I even could have made a profit of 240 € if I had just kept the old small one, sold the old big one and not bought a new small one. But where is the fun in that?

Cameras packed in a box to be sold

Work was… work. It seems as if half our team is off on vacation, which leads to the remaining staffers having to fill in on projects or to answer questions more than usual. Finish the tasks those on vacation seemed to have forgotten about before they took off. All fine though. I find myself being more and more confident in what I do and the only thing that’s a bit pathetic about this is, that it took me over 10 years to get to that feeling. But here it is. At last.

In our team meeting a term came up most of us didn’t know / understand. I vaguely recalled it from my courses of study at uni. The new staffer who joined our team us a few weeks ago, did the same Bachelor / Masters so I looked at them (on our screens in the video call) for confirmation and they could even name the actual class in the 1st or 2nd year it had come up in. I started uni in 1994. They were born in 1996. I had learned that term when they hadn’t been born yet. When I realized that after I felt so old. Again.

I’m doing better and better with cutting back my time on some social media. Instagram is still the biggest time sink for me, because of the reels and clips and such. But I’m working on it and logging out of all the services after use definitely keeps me from checking it all too often during the day.

I spend the time reading a novel instead and thus could finish “Romantic Comedy” already after 1.5 days. And not enough sleep, as I kept reading too long last night. But it was an entertaining story and that’s all that matters, right?

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