09.04.2023 | “God, That’s (Still) Brilliant…”

Oh look, she’s awake in the early hours again and blogging. I don’t know what’s up with that. Especially as I’ve basically been awake since 3 AM. I got up, booked the Stasher place for my bag this afternoon. Lay down again. Couldn’t sleep. Got up for real.

I guess I’m still totally hyped from the “Operation Mincemeat” mission I accomplished yesterday.

signed programme of the musical
A real West End Show Program!

Because after all these years of fangirling I’m still very much a proponent of the “if you are moved by any kind of art and have the chance to tell the artist: tell them” idea. So I did!

I’ll be seeing the show again on Tuesday with some friends, so I’ll refrain from sharing my thoughts yet. But if you’re interested what the hype is all about you might want to read my older reviews.

When I pulled up those old posts, I came across two things in the first one from 2019:

I’m so happy for this new and small musical troupe that it seems to be going well. Fingers crossed!

My review from 2019

Well, well… they’re playing their show on the fucking West End now, baby!!!!

But also this

I’m also happy that we got the chance to tell them all in person after the show, because they’ve pulled off something amazing here and they all seemed genuinely humbled to hear how much we had enjoyed it. So I was glad I told them.

My review from 2019

Regular Programming will resume here shortly 😉 I took a few photos while I walked over from Waterloo station, but I’ll share those tomorrow. Or not at all, as today I will be heading out to the River / Bridges again, this time with a professional ‘photo guide’. I’m excited for that.


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