07.02.2023 | Same Same, But Different

There is not much to report. Work is still busy. I’m still kind of knackered in the evenings. I have so many thoughts I think I might want to share / should share here, but can’t bother to put those into coherent posts.

The one thing that surprised me over and over recently is that even with the stress, and being knackered and NOT getting all the things done, I’m feeling okay. I obviously still have a hard time saying “I’m feeling good”, but I’m all in all feeling more relaxed. Grounded. More zen. Much more patient with myself and more forgiving and less harsh. It all still feels a bit unique, but I’ll take.

I thought that alone is newsworthy. One step at a time.

We had a lovely sunny day here today. Around zero degrees, but that was still ok. I had to drop by the office and yet another committee meeting today. But the latter just was a flying visit so to speak. I clocked out around 4:15 and as this committee met in a building close-ish to the canal and park I decided to bring my camera and go for a walk….

transportation canal with a towpath, in the lower third of the image. A unique red double arch foot bridge across the channel in the left middle. Blue sky with an evening tinge above.
Rhein-Herne Canal, Gelsenkirchen, February 2023

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