01.02.2023 | Too Tired to Come Up With a Decent Title

Work | Do you remember how I yesterday mentioned that half of the admin staff for one of our team’s project are out sick? Today the other half called in sick as well. Hooray! I talked to them on the phone, because they’ve been so lovely to agree to do some basic urgent admit stuff from home. Otherwise it would be complete disaster in a project with the public, which is never good look. I logged the various projects / tasks I had to work on today. Six different ones, which wouldn’t be so bad. But I had to switch back and forth about 20 times. Which means every 30 minutes. There was one hour in which I could work on one of my main projects without any interruptions until the phone rang again with something – from this staff less project or other not my main project stuff – to deal with. I’m not built for this kind of work setting. I prefer to do things on my own schedule and carve out time for certain tasks, which is difficult to do if you have to react to questions / requests from other a lot. 

Local Politics | As a local council member I’ve also got a seat on some public utility companies. Changes in municipal code requires me to regular training about roles, obligation, laws and such. Sat in a 300 person Zoom call for that tonight. 3 hours.  It started a bit late because they couldn’t get the screen sharing to work properly.  3 years into the new world where we learned how to do this! Or not. I admit I was typing this while listening / watching. There is only so much time I’m willing to spend with just little monetary compensation. Still one more hour to go while I publish this post *sigh*

Photo Edit | I not just typed the previous short paragraphs, but also send a few – local politics admin – mails and dabbled with another photo edit.

Benrath Palace and Park, May 2022
Benrath Palace and Park, May 2022

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