31.01.2023 | “Work Weeks Make Us Weary Now…”

Lyrics: “Dan’s Song” ~ Frank Turner, 2009

I think I might have found out one reason why I’m so knackered in the evening. It came to me when I thought about possibly recapping my insanely busy day at work (which I won’t as it’d be rather boring in it’s necessary vagueness due to confidentially clauses). I started by jotting down what I had actually been working on today. The list came up to 12 different tasks / projects. In an 8:30 work day. Only about three of them were planned or my tasks originally. A lot of my day these days is acting as human knowledgebase / sounding board for our new team supervisor. Which is cool, because it makes me feel competent and he is really appreciative of my support. Two of our team are out sick and so is as half of their project assistance, which are not on our team as such. But that means someone has to pick up that slack. As I’m a) not too burdened with deadlines and urgent tasks at the moment and b) obviously the team’s human knowledge base, a lot of this lands on my table as well.

I don’t mind all that. Not at all. But skipping from one project to the next and back again and being constantly pulled in various directions is exhausting.

Telegram type of what I can’t be bothered to write out in a proper blog post:

  • Happy to report that I’ve learned to be quite Zen about traffic complications.
  • I went to another IKEA on the way home, bought my desired item. And some crockery.
  • Didn’t take a new photo to edit today, even though I took my camera, just in case. So here’s one I edited recently, from my vacation at the Baltic Sea about a year ago
Sunset Baltic Sea, Dezember 2021 - edited
Sunset Baltic Sea, Dezember 2021 – edited

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