02.01.2023 | “The Ocean Is Still Out There…”

Lyrics: “Sailor’s Boots” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

Reading Goal | I’m 2.5 pages ahead of my “Boundless Sea” schedule (to finish it until 24th February). Not bad. I thought in the morning might be a good idea, but today I realized: not on an office day. I read now in the evening, but I know my mind won’t be always capable to focus on it after a long day at work. So I will try again tomorrow morning, before I boot my work laptop at home.

Reading plan for “The Boundless Sea”

Ally Pally | I’m watching the World Darts Championship while I’m typing this. Because I’m my brothers’ sister and they have been watching it for the last 20 or so years. They play darts as well. I sometimes dabble, but I’m not any good. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, fingers crossed for Gabriel Clemens from Germany. (The match might be over before I finish this post.) Anyway, have I ever told you that I had no idea that Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) is located on a hill above London? Until my friends’ car circled up the streets when we saw Frank Turner on the “No Man’s Land” at the Alexandra Palace Theatre in 2019? I felt quite foolish not knowing that. And I call myself an experienced London tourist 😉

Back at Work | I already went back to work today, at the office even. It was okay, not too much to do yet. Or I could have done of course, but I wasn’t in the mood. Catch up with mails. Catching up with colleagues (on a personal level). A bit of catching up on projects. Lots of office admin, like ordering supplies. Sorting the stuff left laying on my desk from last year. Easy going…

More Reading | About a year or so ago, I started using a bookmark manager – Raindrop.io – to save articles online which I want to read at some point. Because you can’t always read them once you find the link in a newsletter or as often in my case while scrolling through my social media. This afternoon I realized the speed in which I add links is getting out of hand. So I’ve decided to keep an eye on the overall number of saved articles. And set the intention that by the end of the day I must have read (and thus deleted link from collection) one old article for every new one I add. Or maybe read the new one soon. Either way. To end the day with less articles saved than I started it with. I still have more to read today to get there…

That’s it for today. I’m tired. But hey, done before the match 🙂

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