03.01.2023 | “I’ve Been Walking Into Glass Doors Since 7AM…”

Lyrics: “Punches” ~ Frank Turner, 2021

The third day of the year and I’ve already had a downward spiral kind of day. For no apparent reason. How fun!


I had and still have no idea why I felt so listless and overwhelmed and dithery and annoyed with myself from the moment I got up. But at least by now I can assess the situation a bit better and just ride it out. So to speak. Be kind and patient to myself. In a bout of superstition I started the day with the “Positive Songs for Negative People” mug. Good vibes and all.

Coffee in a mug with a Frank Turner Logo on nit. A white plus sign on a red square, next to a white minus sign on a blue square.
Positive Coffee for Negative People

Luckily I didn’t have any urgent or important things to do workwise, because I know I wouldn’t have done a good job with my lack of focus. I spent a lot of time with “housekeeping” on my computer and the file server today: Sort through the download folder (move / delete files). Delete duplicates or old “work in progress” files from various projects. That kind of menial thing.

During my breaks I managed to do a load of laundry, sort away the previous load of laundry. Did a bit of research for a possible short trip in February. Things to look forward too.

I didn’t leave the house, except for taking out the trash and that has probably been a good thing. No idea how I would have navigated traffic today with my scatter brained mind. I managed to drop and break and egg on the kitchen floor and also – unrelated – stubbed my toe and obviously didn’t put ice on it long enough. Have a look, if you like. So yeah, possibly a good thing to not go out into the world.

I’m done with today, I think. I will now do some simple creative thing, read for a bit and then go to bed early. For real today.

Better luck tomorrow, I hope….

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