09.11.2022 | “Work Weeks Make Us Weary Now…” (Part II)

Lyrics: “Dan’s Song” – Frank Turner, 2009

That above. That’s the content of this post.

Plus possibly a bis of lingering COVID fatigue. A colleague, who had it in April, inquired via mail today if I’m bothered by it / suffering from it, because it had troubled them for a while. And I thought “No, not really.” Just to reach this time of day and feel absolutely knackered.

Work is really busy at the moment with a variety of smaller tasks or projects. I have hardly any set dates (meetings or deadlines) this week, so I thought I could spend a few uninterrupted hours today to work on the first draft of a paper I offered to write for one of said projects. But of course this morning there were other fires that I urgently needed to put out and it was already 14:30 when I finally was able to focus on that paper. I stayed a bit longer than planned as well, because one of our younger colleagues (joined the team last year) had some questions about procedures and our budget and such. And as one of the senior members of the team (how and when did THAT happen?) I always feel compelled to help them out and be a bit of a mentor. But it kept me at the office much longer than planned.

I also didn’t sleep too well last night. I don’t really recall if it started when I was down with COVID or before, but recently I’ve been having a quite a few weird, vivid dreams. Nothing bad like nightmares or such. But this morning I noticed sort of a theme of me losing something. Destroying something. Getting lost somewhere. Like I said nothing bad happens to me in these dreams, but it’s weird.

Book Cover of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Book Cover of “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

Last night I (finally) started reading the novel “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”. I only read very good things about it, but hesitated for a long while, because the main theme that units the main characters is video games: Playing, writing, selling them. And I’m so not a gamer. But I was hooked after the first few pages, because the writing was so good. Don’t expect me to elaborate on that. I’m too knackered for fancy words tonight.

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