11.11.2022| “Send Me Back To Sleep”

Lyrics: “Back To Sleep” – Frank Turner, 2008

Work | It’s one of these days where I wish I could moan about work stuff here in more detail. But I can’t for a variety of reasons. Let’s just say a few months ago a task (which involves dealing with other people) landed on my desk. A task that I don’t feel we as a team or I in my specific role should even have to deal with, because it isn’t really part of our work. But someone had to do it. The other side thinks we don’t do enough and not in the time frame they wish and it’s getting ugly with threats of complaints and such. As I work in public service, I need to take those things serious, even though I consider the complaint to not have any grounds. But I still spent most of my day at work today compiling a list of things we’ve done for this task so far, communication with these other people and basically putting together why any complaint should be ignored. Such a waste of my time. And annoying to boot.

I also had a nice, relaxed Zoom meeting with two colleagues, where we talked about work, but also chatted about other stuff, which you need to do sometimes, right? The same we we stopped at each other offices for a chat back in the day when we all were at the office every day of the week.

Chores | Not necessarily a typical chore, but I finally cleared out a cupboard in my kitchen, which had annoyed me for so long, because it was such a mess of basically food storage containers and such. Lids of lost ones and stuff like that. I guess I threw out about at least one third of the items stored there, because they were either broken or missed a piece or just no use anymore. Two more cupboards to go…

Vacation | On a bit of a whim I booked a weekend away (2 nights) by the sea in the Netherlands in December. I would have loved to go earlier, but that just didn’t work because of other plans. I need to be by the sea one more time this year. Or as Frank Turner put it so perfectly in a song on his latest album:

Where I heard the mermaids singing,
Each to each and to you and me.
A song about anxiety
Getting washed away by the sea.

Little Life, Frank Turner, 2022
Sunset, Nordwijk, February 2020
Sunset, Nordwijk, February 2020

TV | Still watching Madam Secretary in the background these days. Also started watching “The Crown” season 5. Also mostly on in the background to be honest. In all the previous season I could consider it all a bit of a historical fictionalisation of this family’s story. Because all the events happened before my time. I had no memories of any of it. But now they’ve reached the early 1990s, and I do remember the photos and stories and everything and it feels a bit weird to watch it. But right now it’s episode 3 and it starts with a background story of Mohamed Al-Fayed, who’s son Dodi who had been in the car with Diana in Paris and was killed as well. I admit I’m interested in the gossip side of the whole saga and I had no idea, that Al-Fayed started the way he did.

Sleep | I will have another early night today, because I’m still quite knackered by the end of each day and thus also this week. Let’s just hope this will not be the story for the rest of my life…

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