18.10.2022 | Day 7…

COVID Day 7. I slept alright, still catching up with the sleep I missed last week. The symptoms are better, not gone yet, but they are less annoying anyway. I have a bit of a headache today, though this might be due to lack of oxygen, fluids or anything. I took a test this morning, still positive and not really surprised.

I spent this day on the sofa as well, mostly watching Madam Secretary, which I had stopped watching for some reason in its season 5. I probably won’t go on paying for Amazon Prime in the new year, so I thought I’d make the most of it now and discovered that this show was on. Easy enough to watch, I like the characters and most storylines though they try a bit hard to make it topical to what’s going on in the world.

For some time, I was also reading at the same time, but I found myself skimming the pages and I’m not sure if that’s lack of concentration or interest. I’ve started David Grohl’s autobiography and it’s interesting and entertaining enough, but after a while gets a bit boring. I’ve also got some issues with him telling the story not always chronologically. Sometimes it feels repetitive and sometimes it feels like there is some event missing. Does that make sense?

This evening thanks to some VPN I managed to watch ITV live on my computer to see Frank Turner talk about music venues in the UK and the dire situation most of them still are in. Recovering from the lack of business in the past two years, the rising energy bills and all that. I’m a fangirl, what can I say?

Random photo from the sea, because it relaxes me and I miss it…

Sunset on Ameland, July 2022
Sunset on Ameland, July 2022

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