26.07.2022 | Still Around, Sort Of…

A few days back at work and regular life and I already feel in need of some more vacation. There is not much to tell or not much I can put into words. Or can find the energy to sit down and gather all my thoughts and put them out there. I’m a a bit of a mess still. Again. Forever? Who knows. But I felt I should at least check in here and as I can never get motivated to do that at the end of the day I thought I’d do it in the morning. Though… like stated: not much to tell really.

Work: I started work on Tuesday from home, which was good during the heat wave days last week. Work is still as busy as it was before my vacation and I feel equally overwhelmed by lots of it.

Home: Last week I went to IKEA to buy a few things. And I really only bought these few. Win! Boxes mostly to get a grip on the (slight) mess in my living room / kitchen. Trying it the Struggle Care way.

Life: On Saturday I attended a small birthday gathering of a friend. All people I know more or less well or at least have known for ages. Plus some parents. We sat outside so I wasn’t too worried about COVID and it felt nice to do something quite normal again for a change. I even was mostly ok with some slight disagreements about some issues. Not that I fought a lot for my corner so to speak, but just accepted that not everyone has to see things my way and that it’s ok to have a different opinion. It doesn’t make me an outsider or a strange person.

Books: I’ve read / started quite a few novels recently. 100% Escapism or what I’ve learned from a good German mindfulness podcast: “experiential avoidance”. Like when I read about someone else’s life, I don’t have to think about my own. I need to work on that as well, I think.

white coffee mug, filled with coffee. Mug has "Be More Kind" written all over it.

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