27.02.2022 | Laziest of Lazy Days…

I considered going outside and make the most of the sunny (though freezing) Sunday, but then couldn’t really bring myself to do it. Instead I stayed in bed for hours, finishing the wonderful “Only Mostly Devastated”. Caught up with the news and social media, all through the day actually, while also trying to not let myself get dragged into too much despair over the state of world. I’m well aware of my privilege to be able to just ignore it all and not think about it all for a few hours. I also still feel rather helpless, because what is there really for me to do?

I also know that all of this here right now is rather meaningless, but it keeps me distracted and it is a bit of routine I am trying to establish for my own sake of mind, so I’ll keep doing it.

Like I said, I stayed in today, despite the lovely day. Had a late breakfast, caught up with Mrs Maisel, which I quite enjoy this season, though Midge herself is getting on my nerves a bit. I also by now picked up my Outlander Season 5 rewatch, which I had abandoned sometime… last year? in 2020? I have no idea anymore. What is time anyway? I also did a few basic chores around the house, read a bit of my non-fictions… Puttering around, that kind of thing. I also spend way too much time with the free New York Times games and also the various Wordle inspired games as well.

Yesterday I announced – too early probably – that I might write about a few more topics, but I’m not sure my mind has formed all the thoughts yet. And though I know it might just do that while I start writing, there are other things I want to get done tonight as well. Making a proper to-do-list for next week and months and get a clearer idea of what routines / habits I’d like to get working on in March.

Talking of Outlander and watching the show once more: I miss Scotland…

View from Ben Lomond
View from Ben Lomond, 2017

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