28.02.2022 | Jumble of Thoughts

Sleep | Went to bed around midnight with the alarm set for 6-ish. I woke up around 4.15. Of course. Thought I might just need to bathroom but apparently my anxious mind had other ideas. Dozed for a bit. Tried various audiobooks to fall back asleep. Nada. *sigh*

Routines | Another day where I try to establish some routines. Especially in the morning when I’m working at home – like most days at the moment – when I don’t have to hurry out to drive to work. Meditate. Read some page in one of my non-fiction books. And yes, played Wordle and all the other things…

Work | Mostly ok. Mostly focused. Still soooo much to do it seems. I turned in my request for time off at the last March weekend, because I’ve carried over vacation days from last year which I need to take till then. I might spend this weekend by the sea… I’ve also got the request for time off in the week after Easter to see Frank play a gig and then travel to the UK for a big birthday bash. At the moment I can’t quite imagine how all that will play out to be honest.

Everything else | The war in the Ukraine is still going on. Obviously. I still don’t have anything useful to say about that. The new IPCC report today stated that the climate catastrophe is even worse than thought before. Of course. *sigh* I really have to make sure I’ll look for the (small) good news these days. Not always easy to find those…

Beach Ameland
Beach on Ameland, Netherlands September 2020

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