31.01.2022 | Ugh….

Misc | I was up early this morning. Again *sigh*. I thought about and started doing an “hour by hour / relevant moments” recap of my day and thought I’d do that maybe for the last day of each month in the future. It worked all right and than work kept me too busy. Surprise. I’m getting paid well so, I shouldn’t / won’t complain. And my hours each day aren’t as interesting anyway. Working from home. Staying in because the weather sucks and I should isolate because of the potential COVID infection. It looked all kinds of grey outside and wasn’t too inviting either.

After a long day at work I went out to the pharmacy to stock up on some preventive supplements / natural remedies to boost my immune system a bit more. That’s a recommendation from my GP after I told her about Bro2 and my potential exposure. She can’t prescribe any of the COVID meds in advance, so I’d just need to get the prescription to the pharmacy. And she thinks special sort of IVs would be the best way to go if I’ll (ever) catch it after all. So boost my immune system now and hoping for the best.

This all sucks! I’ve started to feel a bit tired and groggy and possible headache coming on, but that might just be due to sitting in front of the computer screen all day and not enough fresh air all day, because the storm outside was still raging and opening the windows for longer proved a bit difficult.

Or maybe it’s the first sign of a COVID infection? Day 2 after exposure. Could be. ARGH! I don’t want to dwell on that, but of course I will until I take my next test tomorrow and only see one line. Fingers crossed.

Memories of happier times…

Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021
Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021

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