30.01.2022 | The Laziest of Sundays

Sleep | Finally another decent night of sleep. I clearly needed the weekend to catch up with that. I woke up early-ish, but stayed in bed to listen to my current “go-to-sleep” audio book a bit more attentively. I picked this one a bit randomly, because I was looking for other books narrated by Elizabeth Bower, the female lead of “The One Plus One” audio book, which I enjoyed a lot recently. I found a few, some more thrillers and such, but another series was labelled as “Cosy Crime” and sounded interesting enough, so I used one of my many audible credits for that. And then fell asleep quickly every night, so I had to restart or get back to chapter one or two a lot of times. So I thought I’d listen to some of it when I’m awake to get what it’s actually about, because from the glimpsed it sound like a interesting set of characters and all that. Interesting in such a way, that I bought the first book as ebook and will now read the story rather than listen to it, because this way I will at least be able to follow. It’s the first one in “The Dale Detectives” series. I will need to find another book to help me fall asleep. I could go back to Harry Potter, I stopped a bit in book 7, because it was getting so dark.

Wordle | I still enjoy playing this every morning. Even the few times I despair, because I’m stuck on one consonant in the right place, but am down to only one vowel and none of the other 16 letters I had tried worked. I pulled the dictionary from the shelf looking for clues. And got there in the end after all, so: Go Me!

Grief | Today I finally got around to filling out the form for officially requesting to update the ownership of the property in the court documents. While I saved the file to my computer I came across the folder with all the other information about strokes and therapy and nursing home and care and all that kind of paperwork from last year. Deleted some. Couldn’t bring myself to delete others yet. Was reminded of all the phone calls and inquiries and forms we filled out last year. Avalanche of memories and emotions and… ugh!

Streaming Services | On the one hand I thought I really should use “Neil Young vs Spotify” to leave the service as well, because there are quite a few good reasons to. On the other hand, ever since I bought my new car with a modern digital service (whatever you call), I was using it to listen to my music and podcast in the car, instead of hooking up my very old iPod. And I thought with all the crap going on I can’t be bothered to deal with switching services right now. Current crap of course, Bro2 with COVID – still doing okay – and I’m in an anxious worried state over the possibility that I might have caught it from him yesterday. Anyway, by pure chance I read someone on Twitter asking for Spotify alternatives, saw some of the replies, clicked a few links. Read a bit. Downloaded apps for the PC and my phone. Transferred some of my Spotify data like playlists. Checked if it all works in the car. It does. So… I’m good to go with Tidal and Pocket Caster for now. That was easy…

LEGO | I also continued building my ship in a bottle. It took much less time than I had expected.

LEGO Ship in a bottle
LEGO ship in a bottle

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