29.01.2022 | Gotcha… :-( Maybe?

As I mentioned just earlier today, I spent some time with my brothers this afternoon, who are back from a skiing trip. I don’t think we spent so much time together in the same room. 15 minutes. Maybe 20. At some point sitting across each other at a table, at other times they were walking around, unpacking… that kind of thing.

They also mentioned that Bro2 felt a bit off yesterday and went to bed earlier. He felt fine today. They also mentioned a negative test, so I didn’t worry. I wouldn’t have worried either way probably, because of this fucking stupid but oh so human “I know him, I’m related to him, I trust him, he won’t hurt (infect) me” thought, so many people fell prey to during this pandemic.

Turns out he did a test two or three days ago after a contact warning from the app. He did take another test a few hours after we sat together. Just to be / make sure. And of course that test turned out positive. Yes the line is thin etc. but there clearly is a line. Some last ditch hope the test might be faulty, because he left them in the car overnight with below freezing temperature, but I guess that would rather mean the test wouldn’t detect a positive case. Not be so fault that it shows a false positive, right? He’ll do another test tomorrow.

Either way: I masked up, dropped off some of my tests with Bro3, who lives next door to Bro2. He’s still testing negative even after having spend hours in the car with Bro2 over the past few days and sharing rooms / apartments and all before that. I then went out, stocked up on some more food essentials as I would have usually done. And snacks and sweets. Because I might not leave my apartment for the next few days. I also bought a bunch of rapid flow tests.

Lots and lots of rapid tests...
Lots and lots of rapid tests…

And when I say bunch, I mean a dozen or so. I still have many more in my cupboard, but I guess I will be testing myself at least once a day from tomorrow on. Maybe even twice. I did mention that I worry excessively sometimes? Well, yes, this is one of those times. FUCK!

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