06.02.2021 | “Here Comes The Rain Again…”

Lyrics: “Here Comes The Rain Again” ~ Eurythmics, 1983

A fitting title for this weekend, on which is was raining and raining and…. raining. Heavily at times. No reason to leave the house for anything more than bare necessities like picking up some food I’ve ordered. Also maybe a fitting title for my state of mind this week, which was bleak. The COVID threat always in the back of my mind, still tested negative 8 days after the contact. I should be fine by now, I think. As so often recently stuff at work felt overwhelming. Just a bleak mood in general. But at least this weekend I also took care of a few of the minor things on my long to-do-list. Task which I had postponed for too long and which don’t even take that long. Only a few minutes and I’ve been spending soooo much time in advance coming up with reasons no to do them (now) and procrastinating and all that. When will I ever learn?

Sound I (the annoying kind) | I’ve been living next to development site for last two years, demolition and now new buildings. The building process in general wasn’t too loud or annoying so far. But by the end of last week they put big tarps over the scaffolding, probably to protect the workers and bulding from the elements. Unfortunately the stormy weather and heavy winds have made some of the tarps come loose and with the wind going on they are now fluttering in the wind. Even with closed windows the sound is annoying, because it’s so random and changes all the time. And it’s there. Constantly. Ugh! I sent an email to the authorities last night asking them to check for noise pollution around here. Let’s see how that will play out.

Sound II (the good kind) | I made the switch from Spotify to Tidal a few days ago and I like it so far. I could transfer my playlists, I like the radio mixes played for me so far. I still haven’t figured out how to put my playlist on shuffle in the car (via Android Auto), but I hope there’s a solution to that as well. Also of the good kind? Frank Turner’s new single “The Ressurectionists”. T-5 till the new album will be out. And with it – already now – quite a few new interviews on Youtube channels or podcasts. Yes, I’m one of those (fangirls) who tries to listen to most of them.

Sound III (the entertaining kind) | I’ve moved on from just listening to the wonderful Elizabeth Bower narrate the Dales Detectives stories at bedtime, but also listen to them during the day at home quite a lot. While I do stuff on the computer. Or build LEGO. I usually would have switched to reading the books, because I enjoy the stories and characters and reading always is faster than listening for me. But this time I’m happy with the audio. And a good way to spend some of my many Audible credits. I’m on book 4, there will be two more to listen to. Book 7 is out in March. Maybe I’ll read that one then. We’ll see.

Grief | I haven’t been thinking of my mum all that much recently. Whenever I realize that I feel a bit guilty. I had one heart wrenching moment in all my LEGO building, when I thought how little she could use her left hand / fingers after the stroke and how all the exercise she did in rehab and later didn’t improve her movement all that much.

LEGO | In my free time this week I spent a lot of time sitting at my kitchen table, listening to audio books, putting one tiny brick after another on the plate to build the world map. I know it’s also all been some kind of procrastination and hiding from the world. But the world around here (see the rain) and in general didn’t seem to alluring, so…

LEGO and audiobook
LEGO and audiobook

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