09.12.2021 | “We Remain, We Are Remembered…”

Lyrics: “One Foot Before The Others” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

It was my mum’s funeral today. I still can’t quite process how I feel. Sad, of course. Still sort of detached. My mind and my heart know that she’s gone and in a way it feels very real and in another way it doesn’t feel real at all. It’s weird.

I’d like to focus on the things I’m grateful these days. I’m grateful that I had let go of any resentment towards her years ago and thus could say goodbye with a sad, but not burdened heart. I’m grateful that my brothers and I get along well enough to make this a peaceful day for all of us. I’m grateful for my / our friends who supported us on this day.

I don’t know how it works in other countries, but as far as I know here in Geramny you usually can’t pick the site of a new grave, but get one assigned. Hers turned out to be in right in front of a tree, which is so so lovely for someone who loved nature and gardening as much as she did. Someone might be watching out for her already…

I spent way too much time looking for a photo from our garden (on the gadget I’m using to type this. No luck…). Flowers in general are a good motif to remember her by…

Flowers and bees, Sauerland Park, 2021
Flowers and bees, Sauerland Park, 2021

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