05.04.2021 | “The Simple Kind of Stuff…”

Lyrics: “Dan’s Song” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

My time off work is coming to an end tomorrow. In fact I might need to do something for work later today already. Poor Me. But it’s ok. For the last few days I’ve tried to stay off news about the pandemic and in general for a bit. More or less successful, but at least I didn’t feel much of the dread and rage I usually felt about how it’s going here in Germany. Didn’t feel much at all about it, so I’m not sure if apathy really is much better.

It’s nasty, windy, rainy day outside my windows, so I don’t think I’ll venture out much today. I’ll just keep reading a bit: just started “The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting”, which is off to an interesting start so far. I’ll also keep watching Outlander, now mostly while I’m building my news LEGO set: The Tree House. Sharing “Outlander” photos is basically the sole point of this post today as long as I’ve got photos to go along the TV show, which is only the case for season 1 and 2, I think.

"Lallybroch", 2016
“Lallybroch”, 2016

I’ve got lots more of that place, but it obviously was bin day for the properties next door and there is green wheelie bin in most of my photos *g*. Here it’s hiding next to the gateway.

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