112/2024 – Super Lazy Sunday II

I should let the title speak for itself. Another April-y day with constant change from sun to clouds outside the window. At least it didn’t rain as much as yesterday, but it still annoyed me. Some people might like capricious weather, but I don’t. Make up your mind, April!

Photo of my doodling. Paper divided in black squares, each filled in with lines in different colours
Some Doodling

I doodled a bit. Listened to Taylor Swift some more. Cooked. Kept listening to the latest “Dales Detectives” novel on audiobook. Finished reading another book, “Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?”, which left me a bit underwhelmed; to the extent that I skimmed through the last third or so. Watched a bit of “vintage” TV (shows I’ve seen before). Some more boring regular everyday stuff.

Do these boring kind of posts count towards my “post more often” resolution? While I’m winding this down I realize I still haven’t started with this “fandom” post I thought about writing. Oh well…

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