26.03.2023 | No Prompts; Quite a Bit About Frank Turner

I haven’t been in much of a mood for listening to music lately. Ok, I’ve listened to “God That’s Brilliant” more times than I feel comfortable admitting now. But I have neither listened much to random music from my own playlists or the radio nor to any new stuff. I rarely listen to new stuff or discover new (to me) music anyway. When I turned into a musician’s fangirl many years ago (yes, many, because 10 years can’t be considered “a few” any more, can it?) I sometimes felt a bit out of place among other people at gigs or in the online community. Many of them seem to go to so many more gigs of so many bands and were into many more bands / artists besides Frank. There are more bands / singers I like, but not to that extent as it with Frank. For a long time I felt that my single mindedness made me less of a “fan”. Less “cool”. That my opinion about anything (Frank, music, gigs – related) was less valid. It took me a while to not care about that or rather to realize that it really doesn’t matter.

Single-mindedness or not, I haven’t listened to a lot of Frank recently either. Because too often I caught my mind drifting off to thinking about the song or about gigs or to having imaginary conversations with other people about those songs. Weird? Probably. But that’s just me. Anyway, I put myself on a break from Frank’s music for a bit *gasp*. At least to some extent.

That break ended today though, when the “Frank Turner Heardle” put a rare song back on my radar this morning. A lovely song, which he doesn’t play often enough in my eyes. I listened to that and while I’ve been doing other stuff (see below) and while I’m typing all this I’ve got old – but new to me – clips from very old (2006 – 2008) Frank gigs on in a different tab. Check out this Youtube account. Gold! It’s such fun to see how Frank’s on stage persona has changed to some extent since then but also how he is still the same in so many ways. Biggest surprise (so far) was to stumble about lyrics that did not make it into the final (album) version of a classic. “Photosynthesis” about 27 minutes into this clip

Maturity’s a wrapped up package deal or so it seems,
but no one really checks out what the small print really means…

I mean “WHAT?” The rest of 2nd verse was a tiny bit different as well. Interesting.

I still have over an hour of footage to go through. Where I in the past sometimes fast forwarded through the actual songs and focused on Franks speeches between songs, I’m listening to it all now. He wrote some good songs after all. Duh!

Goodreads and vintage Frank

Not much else to write about today either. It’s been raining all day long so I didn’t venture out expect for taking out the trash. How did I spend my day?

  • I did some Local Greens admit stuff.
  • I did some kind of nerd-y admin on my Goodreads.
  • I started sorting and throwing out a lot of the old paper work (lots from my local politics function) in my apartment. Long overdue.
  • I also started sorting through the first stack / folder of old bills and warranty and manuals for stuff I sometimes don’t even own anymore.
  • I’ve cleaned out the first of the “random stuff” drawers; the one where I just put the stuff in to sort out later. Now was later, obviously. So much junk! Hence taking out the trash in the rain.

There are still few more corners (drawers, shelves, boxes) to sort through, but step by step. That’s one of the major things I learned in this last year through therapy and other help. I don’t have to tackle all of everything right away. It’s ok to take small steps. Might be an obvious strategy to most people, but I struggled with it for the longest time. Still to to some extend. But again: step by step. “Little Changes” as Frank put it so apt in a song in 2018.

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