12.02.2023 | 10 Thoughts on Tape Deck Heart

Fangirling | On Thursday, when I couldn’t be in London for the 10 years anniversary show for Tape Deck Heart, I listened to the whole album on the way to work and back. I thought about doing “10 things about Tape Deck Heart”, but then couldn’t really make up my mind if I should do it here or on my Insta Stories and then the moment passed. Not completely though, so here a few random thoughts on this album. From the top of my head.

  • Almost ten years in and I still don’t know and even less can sing all the words to “Recovery”
  • “as I’ve reached that shore, I’m not sure how to feel”. This “shore – sure” must have been one of the first times I thought “Hah, that’s neat, phonetically!” and I might even have emailed Frank about it.
  • “The Way I Tend To Be” and “Polaroid Picture” contains quite a few meaningful (to me at least) lyrics, which I probably have over-used as titles to blog posts here in the past.
  • I can’t NOT drum along to the big drum part at the start of the bridge in “Plain Sailing Weather”. On my legs, my steering wheel or my favourite of course on top of the barrier at a gig
  • The whole “When I thought that suffering was something profound…” bit in “Tell Tale Signs” was one of the first times I realized that Frank might be just as messed up as me. What a revelation. What a comfort!
  • It’s the rule to sing “Oh so low” in the lowest voice possible wherever you are when you hear the Four Simple Words, right?
  • “More than just a pair of sinking ships” (Anymore) might be the most heartbreaking sea-related metaphor he ever used

Not quite ten for ten, but it’ll have to do. And that’s all I have to say today, really. Like I said. Laaaaazy day.

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