10.12.2022 | “The Ocean Is Still Out There, Magnificent and Wide…”

Lyrics: “Sailor’s Boots” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

Magnificent and wide. And wild and stormy and foggy and still able to calm my soul.

I slept in, read some news and social media on my phone. Meditated. Had a coffee. Went to the beach around 11 and braced the cold and wind to walk up and down the shore for a while. Went back “home”. Had breakfast. Edited the morning photos. Read some more (newspaper, a bit on the phone, self-help). Went back to the beach in the dusk and braced to cold once more. Got home. Took a long hot shower. Edited some more photos. Had supper. Posted this. Will read some more. Go to bed early-ish to get another restful night of sleep, before I head back home to Germany tomorrow. Coming here to recharge was a good idea, I think….

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