28.08.2022 | Week 35

I should stop trying to come up with reasons and apologies for not posting more during the week and just accept that at the moment a weekly recap on Sunday (evening) is all I’m ready for or willing to do. There will be other times. Someday. I hope.

Work was mostly fine this week, which is a relief. Still lots to do, but at least I’m getting good feedback and that’s worth a lot. For someone like me who doubts herself a lot. Like A LOT! From next week on I’ll try to be back to the two-days-at-the-office schedule, for as long as the pandemic and/or the expected energy crisis here in Germany will let me. In regards to the energy crisis: on Friday I rather impromptu bought some small solar panels for my windowsill, basically. Usually they are thought to be for people out camping, hiking, that kind of thing, but I thought I could just as well make use of it in my flat and start charging my small devices (phone, mediaplayer, powerbank, rechargeable batteries…) with some solar power. I’m still trying it out, but so far I#m quite happy with how it’s going.

Therapy is still going fine. I learn a lot about myself and bit by bit manage to establish helpful routines and break unhelpful thought patterns. I should have started that years ago. Seriously! I’m also glad that I can talk openly about it with my coworkers, because they also have their share of mental health problems, as it turns out. We really “are just like everybody else” to quote my favourite songwriter once more.

Not much else has been happening. My life is boring AF at the moment. As always. I’m getting excited for Frank Turner’s “Lost Evenings” in Berlin in 2.5 weeks and another Frank gig in Cologne three days before that. Yes, that’s five Frank gigs in a one week. So, what? I’m excited. I’m not sure I’ll do other touristy things during the day of the festival. There will be panels and other side events (still to be announced) and I might just spend my days with a book on the patio of my hotel or on a bench at the canal near by until it’s time to head over to the venue. Pacing myself, because from experience I know Lost Evenings can be exhausting! But I’m looking forward to it. To meet up with gig buddies from all over Europe and a few from the US as well.

Lost Evenings, 2018
“This is my culture, man, this is my home” – Lost Evenings 2018

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