21.08.2022 | Impressions of this Week

At least I seem to get into a weekly rhythm with these posts…

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday at a exhibition / multimedia show about Charles Monet. I always liked his paintings, but have to admit I didn’t really now much or rather not anything about his art or the whole Impressionist movement. So it was educational as well as entertaining. For instance that the name of the movement came from this painting, which he titled “Impression, Sunrise”.

Monet Painting, Impression Sunrise
Impression, Sunrise – the Monet painting which gave a name to the movement
Monet Painting Jetty at Le Havre in multimedia show
Monet Painting Jetty at Le Havre in multimedia show
Monet's Japanese Bridge / Multimedia show
Monet’s Japanese Bridge / Multimedia show

Work was okay this week. I seem to be getting the hang of some things and once again started to realize that even though I liked our former supervisor a lot and we got along fine, we might not have been the best fit workwise. As he was one who liked to take charge in sort of a helping / supportive way where I lacked self-confidence about my work and projects and everything that I often was glad that he took charge and thus responsibility. Responsibility that I should have accepted for my projects and tasks and all. But it always was so easy to just let him. Not healthy definitely in the long run. Anyway, I need to be more in charge now and I’m doing okay so far I think. Often still anxious about decisions and stuff…. but a tiny bit more confident.

In therapy this week we delved a bit more into my “striving for perfectionism” and how that makes a lot of my life so much harder than it used to be. Work included. It sounds silly but I really have to (re?-)learn that it’s ok to make mistakes. Ok to not be 100% perfect all the time. Ok to start with little steps. I’m getting there. Hopefully. I feel like I’m on a good path at least.

I’ve caught up with season 6 of “This Is Us” at least as much as it’s available for free on German Amazon Prime. For some reason I thought the whole season would already be there, so I was bummed to find out it’s just up to 12 of 18 yet. A new episode goes up every Wednesday, but I also might be able to buy the remaining episodes for 3€ each, which is quite a bit of money, so I guess I’ll hold out. At least for this week and then I’ll see how urgently I want to see the rest.

I’ve also read a lot this week, as always; reviews on my Goodreads page (easiest to access through the widget on this side). All stories have been quite nice, but nothing has really blown me away recently. I miss that. But I’m also often not in the right headspace for plots or narrations which feel too complicated. I don’t know?

This weekend I also had a longer chat with a good friend, my age, and we properly commiserated over a lot of things. The state of the world in general. Climate Change, the war, the pandemic. Loosing or patience with stupid, stupid people. Misanthropy was running high! But it’s ok to vent about that sometimes, right? I still haven’t quite figured out if over the last two years I have become more zen or more indifferent to a lot of things. And people. The ongoing quest, maybe….

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