04.01.2022 | Sad and Grumpy

Yesterday was not a bad day. I went to the office – as I had thought, no one else in my team will be crazy enough to come in on the first day, a Monday even. But from the 7 people not still on vacation two more decided to come in as well. Which was fine, we’ve all got our own offices or could easily use another work station, but still funny enough. We should communicate more. But it was the holidays. I felt moderate productive yesterday and even got another errand done on the way home. Too tired for a post though.

But this morning was quite different. I woke up too early and didn’t fall back asleep. I had a headache for a bit. I was so not motivated to get any really work done, so I did small things, admin and all as much as I could. Ran another errand in my lunch break and dropped by Bro3 for a chat, which was nice. Was still feeling a bit grumpy and just… weird.

I got home to official mail from the probate court about my mum’s last will and all that sad kind of stuff. I mean it’s all well organized and my brothers and I will be fine and we will deal with it all easily, just more phone calls and documents and talks and decisions. I’m not in the mood for that today. I’m a bit sad. No surprise, I guess. It makes it all so final. Grief is weird.

I will now spend the rest of the evening making some dinner, watching some more “Superstore” on Netflix. Possibly look for more fire metaphors in Frank Turner songs, because that kind of deep dive is always such a nice distraction…

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