29.11.2020 | “I’ve been lost more than found…”

Lyrics: “Little Changes”, Frank Turner, 2018

It’s been a bit of a weird weekend. One day was active and chatty, the second day lazy without much talking. Sometimes that’s the way it has to be, I guess. I need so much time to recharge and refocus these days. I blame the pandemic, as usual. But seriously, the constant underlying anxiety about life and society and the world as a whole and how the next few weeks / months will play out are wearing me out. Add the usual end-of-the-year stress at the office and you get why I spend today being lazy at home.

But at least I also tried to get a bit more organized for the following few weeks of this year. With habit trackers and lists and such. Let’s see how that will go.

I picked up the guitar for the first time since last weekend and it felt like I have to start all over again. Well, not quite, but I’ve realized learning to play definitely needs regular practice. That’s one thing that went into the habits list. Being more active in everyday life as well and getting enough sleep. Which is way I’m cutting this short and this post just serves as a reminder to keep it up with the good intentions and all that.

Earlier today for a short moment I considered to include a rant about how I just don’t get why some people during a pandemic act the way they do (ignoring recommendations and regulations and all that), but luckily I realized in time that it would just get me in a bad mood and I don’t want to put myself in a worse mood than circumstances and life do anyway. Think positive thoughts and all that. Leaving you with a sunset pic I took yesterday, just because….

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