154/2024 – No Idea Where This Is Heading

Besides tearing through “The Guncle Abroad”, the sequel novel to “The Guncle” – Spoiler Alert: I didn’t like it as much as the first one – I spent quite some time today to further go through all the posts I put in draft mode on here yesterday to find out which one to keep in an edited form. Almost 400 posts ended up or will end up in the bin. A part of me almost starts to regret my decision to close down most of this blog, because I’ve written a lot here over the past 4 years. A bigger part though feels good about limiting the amount of personal information I share online.

Just for the “fun” of it, I looked up when I first started writing a personal blog, as I still have those texts archived as HTML files on my computer): September 2004! Woah! That’s been a long time. I changed blogging services and titles a few times since then. The language only once (from German to English).

I honestly still don’t know what I will use this space for in the future. There will still be fangirling, in fact it’s those posts about gigs and songs and books that I’ve kept here so far. I guess in my writing about Frank’s music there will still be a lot of personal stuff from me, because the way I can relate to his music makes it personal.

I’m also in the process of consolidating a few vacation posts where I share photos to at least keep the photos without all the random minutiae of my vacation days.

Photography might be another new focus here. Not that I’m any good yet, but I’m trying. With my macro lens here for instance, though it’s safe to say that that’s not going to be a speciality for me, I think.

Close up of my Kaweco fountain pen
Close up of my fountain pen's nib

I also finally watched part 4 of the Frank Turner documentary “The Work: 50 States in 50 Days”. There might be another post about that, if I find the time to rewatch all 4 episodes before 24 June 2024. My purchase ticket to watch is valid till then. We’ll see.

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