127/2024 – Undefeated: Lyrical History of Mankind – First Findings (Song 1 – 7)

I had a very different post in mind for today. Musings on how social media has changed over the years (for the worse, clearly). About how much time these past few days I wasted drafting a derisive and passiv-aggressive reply or maybe a whole blog post to react to some trolls. Musings about my inherent hypocrisy, because while the argument in my head dismisses them for being losers for spending their time posting replies on every social media post, wanting to write a long blog post about it all isn’t really that much better. Nor is it any good for my mental health. I sometimes find it difficult to look away though, like the people slowing down on the the motorway to gawk at the emergency on the opposite side of the road. I really dislike those people and I’m ashamed I online sometimes seem to be one of them.

Frank Turner, Live April 2022
Frank Turner, Live April 2022

So… History Bits & Bobs in “Undefeated” Lyrics. I’ve found a few so far, but I’m not sure I’ll include them all in an updated version of a revised “Frank Turner’s Lyrical of Mankind” in the end. Some could be considered colloquial metaphors and thus not really a historical reference as such.

There are at least two more that Frank himself alluded to in some of the many, many, many album release interviews I’ve listened to. According to him there is some Gabriel García Márquez and the lines “Grateful that you got this far and proud that you behaved no worse” in “Undefeated” are inspired by something Clive James wrote once. I have no idea in which poem though. Nor if it was a poem at all or an essay or whatever. Frank didn’t elaborate on that 🙂

Anyway, here were the current findings for the first half. On 12 May 2024 I merged it with the “B-Side” in this post here.

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