060/2024 – Expand On Click

I’ve been using WordPress as a blogging software since April 2008. At least according to my archives. Self-hosted since… I don’t know, a few years after. I’m sure I’ve also been using this WordPress theme for a long, long time. As much as I like the simplicity of it, I always was a bit bummed out that I never figured out how to include photos larger than the column space of the blog. Or that I never found an easy way to just make it possible for them to be enlarged on click if anyone wants to.

Earlier this week, when I wanted to share some of my London photos I was fiddling around again with gallery plugin and such until I finally noticed this switch button in the publishing backend. (No idea if that’s the right terminology).

Mysterious settings…

It’s not turned on for the picture above. But it is switched on for the one below and all the others in this post, which is why, when you hover over it, a small white quadrant symbol appears in the upper right corner of the photo and the cursor icon changes to a zoom icon.

Wow, right! Why did it take me so many years to figure that one out?

Not much more to talk about at the moment. Work’s been busy. I’m oscillating between feeling accomplished and overwhelmed by it all. Which sometimes leads to insomnia, because my mind just won’t shut up. Which then leads to me being grumpy and knackered. One more day and then it’s finally the weekend. Again.

The world outside is still a mess and I miss my small flashes of joy.

So, for your joy, maybe, here are a few more photos from London. Remember to click on them 🙂

One of the many things I like about roaming London streets are the surprise views you can get at every corner. Literally a corner in this case…

Musical theatre. Black cab. Red bus. Red phone box. 10/10 for typical London.

And I’m quite happy with this last photo especially as I hadn’t refreshed my limited knowledge of night photography before the trip. I remembered some basics, which helped obviously.

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