09.12.2023 | Favourite Operation Mincemeat Lyric(s)

This morning when I checked Twitter for the first time in a few days I saw this

and knew I’d had to write a quick response post, because I can’t put my reply to this in just one tweet. How could anyone? And what defines “favourite” anyway? The lyric you can most relate to? The one that moves you the most? The one that is the most witty? The one you think is the most beautifully crafted?

I tried to narrow it down and sort of categorize them. My picks also might change as soon as tomorrow depending on my mood, but here we go:

My favourite witty ones for their word play and rhythm and audacity

For fortune favours bravery
And a fortune’s what I’ve got

Look up victory in the dictionary
There’s a picture there of me

Foreigners aren’t great coroners, see
And no-one in Spain is as clever as me

My favourite one for modern-day relevance

You think we’re badass? You ain’t seen nothing
Democracy, you won’t see us coming

The ones I could/can relate to the most, both from “Dead in the Water”, which my ” ‘I Want’ Song” as much as it is Charles’.

But it’s part of my biology to start with an apology

One day I’ll metamorphosize
The scales shall tumble from their eyes
And thus shall end this wretched old routine

And then there are the many many inspirational ones

But life is much more pleasant when you’re living in the present

It’s no life if you’re forgetting to live

and of course

Set your hearts to the horizon
Leave your fears upon the shore

Photo of a silver bracelet on a black cloth. Bracelet inscribed with "leave your fears upon the shore" in capital letters
Lyrical Bracelet

Thanks to my tendency to do long write-ups for events I loved, I knew there was at least one memorable lyric which was lost over time. For good reason probably, but I still have fond memories of it, because it stayed with me for a while. From a previous version of “All the Ladies”

Stage a coup
For your mothers and your sisters too

And while I’m at: Can I have moment of remembrance for “Let Me Die in Velvet” and the audacity to rhyme pretentious with trenches ? That definitely would have made this list 😉

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