11.06.2023 | Sunday Nights…

My vacation is coming to an end. I need to go back to the office tomorrow. I don’t want to!

That’s not quite fair to say. I do like my job and my team and in a way I am looking forward to getting back to it / them all. But I still wouldn’t mind a few more days off. I’m greedy, I know. I realized that in the few days at home I’ve tended to fall back into bad / not so healthy routines, so that’s something I hope the routine of a work week will help to counteract. I don’t know.

Over the past few days I’ve spent a lot of my time reading an easily to digest WWII novel series about women in the Royal Naval Service (WRNS) stationed on Orkney in Scotland and thus managed to keep a bit of my vacation vibe alive. Scottish Highlands and Operation Mincemeat 😉

Yesterday I spent quite some time in the our garden, reading in the sun. Today I couldn’t be bothered to step outside, because I found it all rather hot and just meh. I dread driving to work tomorrow and spend time in an office when it’s 25 – 30 °C outside. Oh, well, needs must and all.

Not much more to tell. I met up with some fellow Greens who wanted to reactivate our social media accounts (we’ve not really been using many of them) in the hopes of creating a different kind of outreach. Fine by me, even though I notice myself being so very very jaded by local politics and in parts also by the Green Party politics. “I’m young enough to be all pissed, but I’m old enough to be jaded” as Frank Turner once put in so well in a song. I still don’t know what to do with this inner conflict of mine.

For tonight I won’t think about politics any more though, but try to be a sensible adult. Get my stuff ready for tomorrow, read a bit more, wind down, go to bed at a reasonable hour to be in a rested and relaxed state tomorrow morning.

Here is another photo from Scotland, the view (sort of) from the place I stayed in the 2nd week.

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