123/2024 – Clumsy

I often tend to not drink enough during the day, especially when work is really busy. When I’m working from home I have a pint glass of water or flavoured (mixed with juice or tea) water on my desk. I still often don’t drink enough, so sometimes the glass is still very full. Earlier this week I managed to knock the almost full glass over, so the liquid spilled over the left side of my desk and the drawer next to it and the floor of course. Great.

The day after I moved the glass to the other side of my desk and further away from where my hands usually move here and there when I’m working. Earlier today I knocked it over again, when I was reaching for the light switch, because the thunderstorm outside dimmed the natural light. Again the glass was almost full and again it all spilled all over. On the other side of the desk and floor! I mopped up the liquid and definitely have to clean the floor properly tomorrow or on Saturday. But I feel so stupid! Or at least I did feel stupid for a moment. But then I managed to step back a bit, so to speak and just accepted that I made a stupid mistake. But also knew that stupid isn’t what I am. Progress!

Once I finished work I did go out (or rather drive) to buy a pint sized cup/thermos with a lid for the future, because I obviously can’t be trusted with regular drinking glasses. I need a sippy cup! Like a toddler.

Foto of a pint glass Frank Turner show 2500 and a large thermos mug
Sippy cup for grownups

My current Amazon Prime membership ends today, so I’ve done my best to catch up with Outlander 7.1. I know I often moan about the changes from the book, but I also need to say praise, when praise is due. Rachel and Ian are just as adorable on screen as they are in my head when I read about them in the books.

I thought about restarting with Outlander via the audiobooks, to refresh my memory for when book 10 comes out next year, but so far I couldn’t really get in the mood. As much as I tend to go back to TV shows that I know in a way of “comfort watching”, it feels weird to do that with books. Especially as it would take me a whole year to read / listen to all 9 Outlander books so far. And there are so many more other new stories out there as well. My packed “to-read” shelves and my even longer “to-read” lists are proof of that.

Not much more to say: work was busy again, but a new tiny project started in a good way, I think.

I just read that the movie version of one of my favourite (surprisingly) books I read recently “The Idea of You” is coming to Prime. In fact I saw the German titled banner for a few days now and did not make the connection. I watched the trailer and thought: No! That doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie, it might be, but I have quite set idea of the people and plot in my head, so why tamper with that by watching a different version of it? Some day, maybe.

Talking about movies: I went to see “The Fall Guy” last night and that was lots of fun. I like Ryan Gosling, even more so when his hair ist not peroxide blond.

It is sort of “Frankmas” Eve; not the night before a gig, but before album release. I am looking forward to it, but have to admit, I am also a bit wary. Of the so far released songs I love one, I think two are alright, catchy and all, but I can’t really relate to the story or the message or whatever or I don’t feel the emotion Frank might want to evoke in listeners with these songs. The fourth one (the first one out – “No Thank You For The Music”) I most probably will skip a lot. So… we’ll see. I’m still excited. New music from my favourite artist.

All the pre-release excitement didn’t help with being on social media less. It’s only day 2 of my attempt. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, right?

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