094/2024 – Bits And Bops

No lyrics as a title. Still a Frank Turner quote in the vaguest kind of way. More on that in a moment.

Did I go to work about 45 minutes earlier than usual today, so I could leave earlier and get home in time to catch Frank Turner do an Instagram Live Q&A?

Of course I did. I’m still in a “more fangirling than usual” phase. My two coworkers who know and like Frank’s music were appropriately impressed, when I showed them photos form the exclusive radio gig last week.

Was I still running a bit late and was thus pushing the pedal to the metal a bit on the way home? I did.

Was I caught speeding by a police team doing random speed controls? You bet, I was! Fuuuuuuck!

The policeman was friendly and didn’t lecture me or anything, it was more a mood of “Sorry, I caught you” from him and a “Well, shit happens” from me. I paid my fine and was sent on my way. While the next caught driver already pulled up behind me.

Anyway, I got home and didn’t miss too much of the Insta Live and it was kind of fun for the most part. Towards the end the questions kept repeating themselves, but I also couldn’t think of any new interesting ones on a whim.

Screenshot of Frank Turner on Insta Live
Chatting with Frank. Sort of…

I had left a few as comments on the original post and one was picked by the moderator. Even though he didn’t state my name, I think Frank might have an idea the question came from me:

“How many historical / literal references will be hidden in the lyrics of ‘Undefeated’ ?”

It made him laugh and he did say there were a few history bits and bobs here and there, especially in the title track. “You’ll have fun going through it“.

Challenge accepted.

Work was… work. I’m still getting used to be sort of in charge of bigger things. Like drafting job description for new positions we (or rather a team we work with) are hoping to be allowed to fill in the future. We seem to be getting ahead with some of our public relation projects as well. Bit by bit things are coming together which feels nice.

I’m still glad that I’ve got a few days off next week. The Easter break wasn’t long enough to properly rest and recharge.

I’m not sure if I included it in a previous post, but a few weeks ago I was already informed that my train from Cologne to Brussels next Tuesday would be cancelled. Panic and hectic re-organising ensued and I paid an extra 40 € to rebook my Eurostar ticket for a later train.

Today I got the notification again, probably because I’ve still got a standing seat reservation for the train which was cancelled. The “check for alternatives” link in the email led to this

Screenshot of "no alternatives"
No alternatives ? Part I

A few weeks ago that had me panicked, like I said, until I found out that there is an alternative Which I had booked a seat on right away. After I got that mail today I checked again. That train is still going (for now at least, fingers crossed!). But why does the system state there are no alternatives?

Screenshot of available connections
No alternatives? Part II

I mean, yes there isn’t on going at 7:42, but one at 8:41. Duh!

There was more I wanted to share / comment on, but I’m too tired. Cues to remember tomorrow or on Friday

  • Ambiguity is hard
  • Podcast recommendation
  • Anecdote about paid educational leave
  • Books (as always)

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