092/2024 – “It’s the Things You Choose To Do”

Lyrics: “Do One” – Frank Turner, 2024

This afternoon I won the lottery. Not the “give me the all the money” one, but the Operation Mincemeat Ticket Lottery. Again! Which blew my mind, because the dates for which I would be able to buy a cheap ticket fit into my travel plans (which will culminate in a Mincemeat show on Monday 15th). Again! I excitedly checked the available seats and if I could still catch a train to Brighton which ish where I’ll be heading next week. It all looked fine and I bought a ticket and only once I got the confirmation I realized I messed up the dates in all my excitement. Tickets were available for Wednesday to Saturday and I bought one for Wednesday to then realize that I’m passing through London on the Tuesday! Yes, I could still go for it and travel back to the City from Brighton but the costs for that would turn the cheap ticket into a regular one and also would mean lots of time on trains, which I’d rather spend by the sea.

My first impulse was to beat myself up for my lack of impulse control and more so for my stupidity for not checking the dates more carefully. I then also felt a bit embarrassed about it all. And then I stopped doing that and told myself: “Yes, it was a stupid mistake. But we all make mistakes. No harm done. I’ll probably find someone to take the ticket off my hands.”

It did not send me down a spiral of self-loathing right away and I hope it neither will at any point later. We’ll see. I guess it’s quite normal that embarrassing moments or those moments when you had questioned yourself in any way pop up in your mind from time to time. In my mind. I don’t know why I tend to use the impersonal “second person” here. So as long as I don’t dwell on those memories / moments and beat myself up over them again and again and again, I’m doing alright I think. Progress, people, so much progress.

The short Easter break was a lazy one for me. I went to Bro3’s bonfire gathering on Saturday, where I had a lovely time with people I’ve know for many years. They are friends of his, but we all get along fine and it’s always nice to just hang out and just joking around.

Germany switched to summertime that night as well and I woke up (for a short moment) on Sunday morning around 5. Whenever these past few months I had woken up before the alarm it used to be around 4, so that was right on time, I guess. I’m glad all in all I’m sleeping better these days than I did about six months ago. The remaining hours last morning I dreamed such weird things like I haven’t in a long time. I was on my way to a gig (Frank Turner, probably) but got lost a lot and it was ups and downs in lifts and on elevators. Then the scene switched and I was supposed to do a reading at a wedding (or any other ceremony) because no one else volunteered. While I was getting ready the scene changed again and it all turned into a big ceremony for the British Royal Family and the text I was supposed to read was exchanged and I lost the new one and then I was frantically looking for the MC of the whole ceremony to tell me what to do. Then a royal princess entered the room and I sort of curtsied to her (Ugh! I know, can’t believe it myself), because I thought she was the highest ranking member of the Royals in the room at that time and that’s what I was supposed to do. But I then turned around and saw King Charles was standing behind me. Oops! Then I woke up. Thank God! Anyone care to play Dr. Freud with this?

A lot of time this weekend I spend doing boring, but sort of necessary tasks. Well in one case it’s not necessary, but just a nerdy obsession of mine about books. Storygraph – the service I’m using to track my reading these days – in the premium version comes with custom tags and charts (based on those tags) and after I saw a few of them I wanted to give that a go myself. Do I read more books set in the UK or the USA? More contemporary or historical? That kind of thing. So far I have a few idea for charts and have started tagging my read books accordingly. I’ve started tracking my books for real in 2015 so that’s when my data starts even though I’ve been reading for sooooo much longer of course. So far I’ve updated tags from 2015 to mid 2018, so it’s about one third done. Let’s see how long this project keeps my interest or how soon I might drop it for something else? Which I admit is something I sometimes tend to do.

But I also did my 2023 taxes this weekend, looked into what I can and actually want to do while in Brighton next week and took the first steps in cleaning up my desktop hard-drive. I haven’t even tackled the “download” folder mess. But there are so many photos, because I started taking a lot more these past few years and so far I’ve often not been diligent about tossing out the bad ones. For instance there are still so many crappy photos from Frank Turner gigs alone 😉 I’m working backwards here and by now have reached 2020 which was – as we all know – a very weird year with much less opportunities to take photos of nice activities and such.

Anyway here are a few of the ones I stumble across and possible haven’t shared before…

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