015/2024 With a Bit of a Mind Flip, You’re Into the Time Slip

Two weeks of doing this – posting daily – proved to me that I can. I will now probably switch (back) to doing it once a week or less. Or rather I will try to do it every few days, but right now I can’t promise anything. Whom to anyway?

The good thing about sitting down and sharing some thoughts online is that I made myself do it and kept busy for the time it took me to write it and that I felt like I spent this time worthwhile doing something productive. Even though I hat that word in a personal context. I’m sure I wouldn’t get that feeling by just writing it down for myself, because I probably wouldn’t make the effort to make sense to a lot of what I wrote down. That’s what most my offline journalling looks like: emptying my mind of all the worries and such. Mostly all the worries, I hardly bother to write down in any detail what else happened that day? That’s what I’ve got a blog for 😉

Photo of a open journal with blank pages and a cup of coffee next to it
I need more of this

I’m in a bit of a weird headspace at the moment though and feel like I should spend more time with pen and paper just rambling about my emotions and worries and (maybe) hopes and dreams or whatever instead of spending time typing words into a computer. Be more honest with myself in ways I’d never be on blog accessible for anyone. So this starts a bit of tiny time-out.

You might still find me on Instagram (Stories most likely). If the snow is still here tomorrow I might even make a few nicer photos during daylight hours.

Photo of outdoor stairs leading up, covered in snow
Today’s view of the backyard

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