014/2024 – A Lot About Reading (And Some Other Stuff)

Yikes! How can it be 6 in the evening already? (When I started typing this post that read “around 5 already” 🙂 )

When I came back home yesterday without having taken any photos while running errands I decided to do that this morning. I checked the weather forecast – no rain in the morning – and planned to drive to a nice river / lake / viaduct setting about 15 minutes away. I knew I wouldn’t catch a sunrise as I expected grey clouds, but had hoped for fog over the water, atmospheric mood and all that.

I got up, got dressed etc. before I opened the blinds to look outside. A layer of snow on everything. For a moment I considered going back to bed and not venturing out in my car on snowed in roads. But then I went after all as there are enough major roads to where I wanted to go. I also thought I could just go back to bed when I returned. I hadn’t snowed at all just a few kilometres down the road. No plants with interesting frozen over part nor any fog near the water surface either.

Photo of a viaduct over a river/lake, a barren tree on the right side of the photo
No atmospheric fog sadly
Photo of a small chimney with it's top in a cloud, birds circling around it. A barren bush in the left corner, some barren branches on the right
Foggy clouds at least

Once I had walked for a bit in the fresh air I knew I wouldn’t go back to bed, which was fine. I lay down for a quick nap in the early afternoon, but after a few moments the annoying work-related worry I was so hard trying to ignore this weekend, reared it’s ugly voice again. Let’s hope I’ll get a good nights sleep later today.

I need to (and mostly managed to) remind myself that I don’t have to get everything I might have considered doing on any given day actually done on that day. Of course there are exceptions to that, as in things that need to be done that day, but I need to give myself some leeway. And if that means I get done less than other people, that’s ok as well.

Having said that, I did get some things done: I looked into the WordPress / system? problem with that old site I’m hosting. I couldn’t figure it out, so I will need to send a request to the hosting company. It’s not urgent though.

I got started on the local Greens accounts for 2023. We need / want to do things a bit differently this year and it turns out it’s not that much more complicated, which is a relief.

Photo of my two Canon cameras
I’m a Canon Girl

Biggest win is that I managed to connect my “big camera” to my Canon app again. Once I had bought the smaller one I had to disconnect the big one for a bit to get the new one set up and all. That felt like a lot of hassle to do, so I shied away from trying to set up the old/big one again. I did set out to do it today though and it felt like a bit of a hassle as well, but at the moment it seems both are set up properly and ready to go.

Why do I need to have them connected to a phone app anyway? It’s so much easier to upload photos via my phone to either this blog or my cloud if I want to share them anywhere online. Especially if I’m travelling and don’t want to use the card reader (via USB) to do that on my small laptop.

This afternoon I also spent almost one hour going through the various newsletter I didn’t get to even skim over the last two weeks. I saved links to about 30 more articles. The unreads in my raindrop app (my recommended all-in-one bookmark manager) is up to 140, which I really really need to cull down to close to 100. I guess that’s what I’ll do for the rest of the day.

What all are these articles about? Why read all this? Good question. I try to read and stay informed on a lot of topics. Current (world and national) politics. Society. Environment. Feminism. I’ve subscribed to newsletter from all those issues and they link to other articles and all that. I am interested in all of that and I want to stay informed to make up my mind about a lot of those topics. Too many maybe? But hey, there is so much going on in the world and it feels wrong to not stay to at least get basic information on most of those big, relevant topics.

And then there also all those maybe kind of ‘nichĂ© stories’ that just seem interesting to me. So that’s what I’m doing. Saving link after link like a squirrel storing away nuts for winter time.

Screenshot of my raindrop appe
The latest additions to my to-read-list

I plan to finish my current read “Someone Else’s Love Story” tonight and I can’t make up my mind yet how I want it to end. I mean, I do know how, but I might be okay with any other version as well. Once again Joshilyn Jackson managed to surprise me plot-wise. The story turned a bit darker than I expected, but that was good. I hope, because I haven’t actually finshed it yet.

Music wise it was a very mixed bag today, various “let’s check this out” playlists, which were fine more or less, but nothing really caught my interest in the way that I looked up that artist/band. I also finally gave Peter Gabriel’s new release i/o a try, because it has been recommended to me by two people in the past few weeks. Both men around 50. That information might be important to include? I don’t know. I admit I stopped the streaming after the 4th or 5th song. It was all fine to listen to but I felt a bit bored. Another time for the rest, maybe? (Probably not to be honest).

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