012/2024 – More Random Thoughts

It’s 4 in the afternoon when I finally sit down to string together the various pieces I had already written yesterday afternoon / evening and had planned to post in a polished post this morning. So much for the plan to switch the times at which I do this. Maybe I shouldn’t try to do it by a schedule after all. But as I’m a bit knackered – again – I decided to at least get this done for the day.

Work today was ok – interrupted by a scheduled (more or less routine) doctor’s appointment; more on that at another time maybe. I got most of my to dos organizes for next week and felt accomplished, when as last item in the last phone call my supervisor brought up a project we don’t agree on (yet). And I wish he hadn’t, because my mind might spend too much time worrying over it on the weekend. I still haven’t learned to just leave office problems at the office. I wasn’t good with that when the office literally was the office. Working from home 3 of the 5 days by now doesn’t make it any easier. Journalling might be something I need to do this weekend.

Photo of an uncapped fountain pen laying on blank page of a notebook

My favourite musical at the moment of all times “Operation Mincemeat” has a song about Nazis. The song is satirical and funny, but there also are a few gems of truth hidden in it, which makes the satire work so brutally perfect, if that makes sense.

You’ll soon be under the Reich we running
You think we’re badass? You ain’t seen nothing
Democracy, you won’t see us coming

“Das √úbermensch” – Operation Mincemeat

I’m feeling it a lot these days, when a German journalist collective uncovered meetings of conservative / right – wing politicians with fascists ideologists and rich supporters to talk about a plan to deport immigrants and people with migrant backgrounds even if they have a German passport and people who work with refugees and many many more. It’s terrifying and I really hope enough people see what might be coming! See what’s already been happening elsewhere in Europe, Hungary and Poland even though Poland seems to be able to work it’s way back under the new government.

This all makes me feel like I need to do something. To do more than share “sharepics” on my social and read articles and opinion pieces. On Instagram (whereelse?) I read about an anti-fascist protest happening tomorrow in a city about 90 minutes drive away. For a while I looked into how much effort it would be to take part and was more or less determined to go. And then my mind and emotions switched again and I felt quite overwhelmed. Because up until that moment I had planned to use the weekend for other stuff, like boring chores and getting a start on various things I need to do for the local Greens. But also to use journalling to help me work through all the difficult emotions the potential confrontation I need to have with my supervisor about aforementioned project is stirring up in me. And then I felt bad and guilty about choosing myself over a necessary anti-fascist protest. I know I know, we all can only do what we can at any given time and I need to be more compassionate towards myself. Work in progress and all.

At least I just now donated to the German nonprofit newsroom Correctiv which uncovered the “German Nazis plan massive deportation 2.0” story.

At work this week we had to find a date for a late afternoon meeting which one of the big bosses needs to take part in. They’re the busiest so their schedule is what drives our schedule in that regard. The few mid March dates we suggested didn’t work. Then it’s the Easter holiday, then they are on vacation, then there are other mandatory regular meetings and we’ve reached May 2024. I’m so glad that’s not my way of life or work. I guess in one way it’s just regular work for them like I know I’m “at work” (from home or the office) morning to late afternoon Monday to Thursday, morning to early afternoon on Fridays with a few already set meeting dates in my calendar as well. But to actually have so many days already filled with meetings and whatever and having their usually also run longer than mine, looks very overwhelming and exhausting to me. But that’s why they are the boss and I’m not. At least I can take days or half days off spontaneously and I also sort of like not exactly knowing what the next few months will look like in my working day.

Did I mention that one coworker stayed home this week, because last weekend they were exposed to someone who on Monday tested positive for COVID? They seem to not have caught it at least. Yesterday the next coworker told us that they will work from home today for a similar reason. Different person in their family / circle of friends with COVID, of course.

I read that the number of COVID cases in Germany are going down, but it doesn’t feel like that from what I hear.

Not much more to report. My eating / hydrating schedule is totally out of whack. That would be a good healthy routine to establish once again, right?

I missed getting enough Vitamin D the last few days when it was freezing cold but wonderfully sunny. Now the gloom and fog and clouds are back already.

A bit of LEGO today probably to help me wind down a bit more.

Half built LEGO duck
LEGO duck after the first three steps

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