009/2024 – Another Day…

The morning of day 9 is the first time I wonder what I’m doing here. Why I am trying to do daily posts and when will be the acceptable (to / by whom?) time to stop doing it again? I know that I want to write more and not just in a journal for myself. I do that as well sometimes but that’s a completely different kind of writing and nothing I’d ever share. Why do I want to share my thoughts, experience, photos in the first place might be the better question to ask? I’m not part of the “oversharing / want to be an influencer / lead a public life” generation of internet users, am I? I’m way too old!

This practice at least makes me sit down at my laptop and type so I might keep up with a while longer and maybe by the end of the month – if I keep up till then – switch to publishing only a every few days. I don’t know.

Another freezing morning, where I have to wipe away a bit of condensation from all the windows. As long as the temperatures outdoors will stay below zero for this week I probably really need to open the windows one more time before I go to bed to avoid that. The cold definitely already crept into my bones, at least that’s what it feels like. I’m wearing as many layers as yesterday and have the heating on the same setting as yesterday but it feels a bit colder and just sitting in front of the computer all day doesn’t help with that. I did go back to putting a hot water bottle by my feet in the morning. I did that sometimes in 2022, when we were all asked to save energy because of the energy crisis caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine. That also was the time when I started being more mindful of my electrical consumption. Not just turning appliances off, which often leaves them in hidden standby mode, but actually pull the plug. I kept track of my meter and have been able to save quite a bit with that. Go Me! I also try to not have (overhead) lights on all that much in my flat. The reason for that is less the attempt to save electricity, but because I prefer the more dim-lit / spot-lit mood and not the glaring overhead light. And I can’t dim my overhead lights, so spot-lights in various rooms it often is.

For today’s Daily Jay (which is often the one of the 3 mediation ‘coaches’ in my Calm app), whom I pick, I choose one he did on kindness, which of course also touched on self-compassion, which seem to be a topic heavy on my mind. For a reason, obviously, because Jay once again brought up the simple example of “would to talk to a dear friend the same way you talk to yourself” and in my case the answer more often than not is “NO way!”, which tells you a bit about the voice in my head. But that’s nothing new, hence something I might keep working on.

A day packed full of video calls / conferences so I opted to do a very early lunch break for a quick trip to the super market in daylight. I was too lazy to cover my car’s front screen last night and just hoped that the night would be as dry as the one before, where the cars didn’t freeze over. But sadly I had to scrap a bit of ice and it was still -5°C when I headed out around 11.

frozen over car roof
Frozen car roof

All the meetings went fine, work as such as usual. Again boring to write about. When I saw another celebratory Instagram post from the official Operation Mincemeat account I realized it’s a Tuesday today and it will be a Tuesday matinee when I see the show next, so I checked the calendar. Six weeks to go. It will probably come and go quicker than I’d like. Still less than 50 days and definitely something to look forward too. A crazy short trip across the channel, but I’m used to that by now.

Today brought a few more ideas to maybe write about here, but right I can’t be bothered, because I’m quite knackered already again, even though I got a decent amount of sleep last night. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen from staying indoors while the world freezes over outside?

Watched a few minutes of Gilmore Girls during my late lunch (2nd break). Listened to Operation Mincemeat while unloading the dishwasher. Read a few news articles this morning and more and more of my current book “We Could Be So Good”, which I’m more and more afraid will break my heart. I love it a lot though as weird as that might sound.

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