008/2024 – Boring

I really need to ban books – or the current book I’m reading – from my bedside table. I don’t have any impulse control, which is why I ended up going to bed after I had typed up yesterday’s post, but not went to sleep all that soon. Between 4 und 5 in the morning seems to be my weird hour where I either wake up for a bit or have a weird dream. Today it was the latter, but I can’t remember what it was.

While I was “waking up” my flat. i.e. turning up the heating, opening the blinds (though it won’t be light for at while longer), I also already booted my computer and while I was at it, tried if last year’s work station setup would work again – as IT had mailed me last week. And it did. Nice. Coffee and Calm meditation next.

Screenshot of the Calm Mediation app: Todays Daily Jay: Check your Assumptions

The morning and actually the whole day was quite of slow going work-wise, which was fine, I guess. My mind was too tired for more complex thought anyway. More prepping and admin for the week, month, year. Additional meetings scheduled for the week. A team meeting with every single person on board. No one on vacation, no one sick. That was a first and as we had filled all our positions by the end of the year it was a full house. Well video conference screen. We don’t have any inhouse conference room big enough to do this in person anymore. So weird.

There have been many big protests from farmers all over Germany today. I probably wouldn’t have been affected by the blocked streets / motorways regardless if I had gone to the office or just worked from home, but I was glad I didn’t had to get out of the house so far. All day I’ve been following updates from the various cities about the protests and if they stayed peaceful (mostly I guess) and how many have been infiltrated by right wing / fascists people and group. (Even one is too many!) The general situation here is a bit worrying, because I don’t know if those protests really will stay peaceful for the whole week.

Even if the work day wasn’t too stressful, I thought a bit of LEGO can’t hurt to help me wind down. And it did.

Unfinished LEGO set (the duck)
Work in Progress

It also helped distract me from the dread I already feel about tonight’s Green party meeting. I’m really not in the mood, but I can’t skip the meeting once again. I might need to probably will sneakily read my e-book on my laptop during it to keep me entertained. We’ll see.

Early dinner before that, possibly a bit of TV, definitely some reading and after the meeting – hopefully off to bed ASAP.


Listening: Not much. While I doing this and that in the kitchen and then build some LEGO I listened to some of “Operation Mincemeat”, because that’s my happy place.

Watching: Nothing yet. Possibly vintage Gilmore Girls during dinner or the news. Too many Insta Stories today, many critical about how the farmer’s protest are going today.

Reading: A few articles, mostly on the farmer’s protest today. Later definitely a bit more of my current book.

Boring AF, I know.

Memo to self: Leave your e-reader outside of your bedroom!

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