005/2024 – I’m Oh So Tired

Vague memories of a song by Bj√∂rk – whose music I don’t usually like all that much – come to mind this evening. When I got home today after work and running some errands I lay down for a nap around 4:30 with an alarm set for an hour later. Probably not a good idea. I didn’t feel all that rested, so I’ll keep this short and go back to bed soon. At least that’s the plan.

When I took out paper to the recycling bin at the office this morning there was a bit of blue sky visible between the clouds. It didn’t rain. For a few seconds I thought about capturing that moment in a photo, but then thought that’s a bit silly. I wish I had, because it was the only blue sky I saw all day.

Photo of a partially flooded meadow under a grey sky
Around here, but at least not as bad as elsewhere

The photo is from across the road where the wind turbine blades are stored at the moment. My errands took me on the motorway across one of the rivers here. Very very much out of the river bed and all over the meadows and farmland and such.

During the day I had many more thoughts to possibly share here, but right now I can’t be bothered. I’m…. oh so tired!


Listening: The remainder of the “Ten Percent Happier” podcast with Kristin Neff on self-compassion I mentioned a few days ago. So much input and helpful thoughts to dig into a bit more over the next few days. For the rest of the car drive I went with the Operation Mincemeat cast recording, which is my happy place.

Watching: A bit of Gilmore Girls while having dinner and before the news came on. The news. While I’m typing this a German comedy special about a comedienne being pushed out of TV because she’s too old. Which of course wouldn’t happen to a male artist at her age.

Reading: A few news articles, a bit randomly. I’ll continue with “Counterfeit” by Kirsten Chen. Started it last night and like it ok so far.

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