Back at Work – 004/2024

Going back to work (from home for this first day) was the main “event” for today. The rain is still coming down, not too eventful where I live, but still annoyingly persistent.

Work started with an IT problem. Of course. When I’m working from home I’m still working via remote access to my desktop computer at the office until I finally get a proper laptop for work. For some reason the remote access didn’t find my computer for about 30 minutes even though it was on and online. Co-workers at the office confirmed it. IT couldn’t (or didn’t want to?) help. At the next attempt access worked for a while until a message popped up that another user – whom I know, but from a different team – requested (remote) access to my computer. I declined. My screen turned black for a moment, I think. All of a sudden I was back online, but without my wallpaper background screen. A bit later I realized that I was logged into the computer / work station of that other user. Or that they were using their profile on my computer? After some mails and calls it turned out it was definitely me logged on the wrong computer for some reason. They booted me off. When I tried remote access for my computer at work, I got the notification that another use was already using that. And they declined me again. So I called IT again.

IT couldn’t really explain what happened and they didn’t really see my computer in the network, but told me about two possible workaround for that in a “as you know” tone. No, I didn’t. No-one ever – from IT or otherwise – told us about either. The 2nd workaround worked for me and let’s see how that works on Monday, the next day I plan to work from home.

It took about 2 hours for me to finally be able to start working and not just going through my mails via webmail and such. Great start to the new year, right?

Besides that the day back at work was fine though, easy going, getting ready for the year. Organizing the to-dos for the next few days, distributing information to various co-workers and such.

I also started reading a small book on project management, because that’s a skill I really want and I also think need to work on. I sort stumbled into the role of project manager for this big project a few years ago. First the conceptional phase and now we’re in the long implementation phase with lots of departments and people. Too often I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I will do a one day training on project management in my field of work at the end of January. But reading a bit about it in advance, can’t hurt, right?

Not much more to report. The local Greens are meeting for a “New Year Dinner” at a pub / restaurant tonight, but I already bowed out when the date was set. Or when the idea came up? I can’t really pinpoint the moment. I’ve been an active member of the local Greens and have known most of the people for the last two decades. And I enjoyed the political work and in general spending time with them. I don’t know what changed over the last few years. I’m jaded and frustrated by the local politics for sure and what’s weighing more on my mind / conscience is that I don’t seem to enjoy the company of those others Greens as much. Or to be more precise I feel like their way of seeing things or debating things is draining my energy. It all always feels so negative! And I’m not sure how much longer I want to deal with that. It’s a bit weird.

To help me wind down and make a cleaner switch from work to private (without driving home, changing my clothes and such) I decided to do a bit of LEGO right after work. In the kitchen and not the living room / office. Did it work to get my mind to switch from one state to the next? I don’t know. Maybe. Here’s the project I started on:

Photo of the LEGO limited edition "The Wooden Duck" on my blue sofa
LEGO box (on the sofa in my living room, not the kitchen)


Listening: TIDAL’s Discovery Playlist once more had one female – Traci Chapman with “Talking About a Revolution” – and nine male acts. All white, all my age or (much) older, I think. I tried a folky and another poppy “look out for in 2024” playlist, but was bored by both quickly. Right now I’m listening to a “similar to Olivia Rodrigo” playlist and that’s quite nice so far.

Reading: A bit of various news sites and articles found via social media or newsletter. Quite a bit of “While Justice Sleeps”, which I will definitely be able to finish later tonight. So far I like it alright, but honestly don’t feel the need to read the 2nd or any other book by Stacey Abrams soon. Or ever.

Watching: Nothing yet. Work and all. Depending on how the rest of the evening is going I might check out a comedy special of a German female comedian later tonight. The news before that probably as well.

Note to self for tomorrow: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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