Last day of my vacation at home and it’s still mostly raining. In general I find the sound of rain (falling down on a ground, splattered against a window) quite soothing, but I’m so over it these days. Add the wind and it all kept me up quite a bit last night, but luckily I could sleep in. Which I did.

I was on my phone / mails / Instagram earlier than I wanted to be, this is one of my weak spots and I still haven’t found my routine / trick to not do that first thing in the morning. Though it often isn’t the first thing, as I don’t keep my phone in my bedroom. Grabbing my current book is often the first thing I do. So that’s something at least.

After Bryony Gordon posted about her Big Challenge 2024 last night, I felt motivated to go for a run today. The small window of “no rain” made me change my mind to just a short walk and even for that I had to wait a while, because despite what the forecast said, it just didn’t stop raining. Once it had cleared up around 11:30 I headed out to basically walk around the block. I thought it would be less cold, so I put on the ‘wrong’ jacket, but was too lazy to turn around and change. I passed block of flats where the van of one delivery company had just left, when the 2nd van from a different company stopped. We’re all part of that problem, aren’t we?

Half-way along my route I ran into Bro3, who had the same thought as I had, so we walked together a part of the way and chatted until he went home to his and I went home to mine. About two minutes before I reached my door a light rain had set in again. Perfect timing.

view of a high water stream
A lot more water than usual

Before I headed out I had the hardest time to decide which podcast to choose from to listen to on my walk. I have downloaded episodes from a variety of genres: Entertainment. Politics / History. Self-Help (in the widest sense). In the end I opted for the latter and started a “Ten Percent Happier” episode with Kristin Neff about self-compassion and all in all that was a good idea. I’m still too hard on myself and too critical and not friendly enough towards myself.

While I was working through bits and pieces of this free German “Reflecting on 2023” workbook, I noticed that as well. So that’s definitely something I want to work on in 2024.

Photo of a free selfhelp reflection on 2023 book
free self help workbook

I finished sorting out my kitchen cupboards this afternoon. Go me! I ended up with 2.5 bags for the trash: metal storage containers I don’t use. Left-over lids for plastic containers, I must have thrown out long ago. Various other small items I can definitely finally get rid off. Let’s see how long the new order works. But so far I’m happy.

Today’s …

Listening: The podcast mentioned above. On TIDAL: a bit of “Calm/Collected” from Off With Their Heads, which I liked alright. While I sat down to type this I went on TIDAL again and clicked the Daily Discovery playlist (from unknown and known artists, curated from my listening habits it says). There were 10 songs. Two with female singers, eight male. Most of those eight were old white men like Springsteen, Knopfler. I really have to change my listening habits a bit. So I’m listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts” at the moment and like that fine as well.

Watching: A bit of the German LOL Xmas Special (rewatch). A bit of an old Gilmore Girls episode. I tried a German travel documentary about Dorset, but was annoyed by the tone of it. I will watch the Darts finale later tonight. Obviously. The LOL Xmas Special was the reason I signed up for Amazon Prime again, but have cancelled it from February onwards. Until the second part of the latest Outlander season is supposed to air, I guess. Nothing else there or on Netflix interests me much at the moment and I sometimes wonder that there is something wrong with me 😉

Reading: But I’ll always find something to read (no wonder with the amount of books I buy). Re: news articles and pieces I decided to delete all the unread newsletters still saved in my mailbox from 2023 and hopefully get a routine down to read up on everything at each weekend. That’s the idea at least.

Yesterday I did indeed start with “While Justice Sleeps” by Stacey Abrams and while it took me a while to get hooked, I’m quite invested by now. I’m not sure I’ll get all the bits about the “Tigris” firm ? / project ? / case ? yet and have no idea whom of all the characters – law enforcement / lawyers / relatives can be trusted or not, but that’s ok. The writing feels a bit stilted sometimes, but not too much: Memorable line so far while describing a neighbourhood on the downswing:

“Shabby fought with desperate and managed to stay in the fight.”

While Justice Sleeps, Stacey Abrams

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