“Three Sixty Five…”

Lyrics: “Punches” – Frank Turner, 2022

Let’s try one last post for 2024 to demonstrate my current “staying on focus / getting things done” difficulty. This hadn’t been my intention at first. I started typing this mid-day and thought I’d keep adding to it throughout the day so that it might turn into a random collection of thoughts that pop into my mind.

At some point I discarded the typed draft and moved on to actually getting some of the “put order to this corner of the flat” tasks done which I had planned to do today. And I’m happy to report that I did indeed manage to do that. While listening to the remainder of a 2 hours episode of the “Freiheit Deluxe” podcast (in German) where host Jagoda Marinic talked with Maren Kroymann, a German actress / comedienne. I wouldn’t call myself a fan as such, but I appreciate Maren’s openness about social issues like sexism in the comedy industry or in general. In that and other regards, this podcast was so interesting and educational to listen to. Like how for so long – at least when I was growing up in the 80s/90s – the well known funny women on TV were always just a sparring partner for a male comedian / actor. As wonderful and talented and funny as these women were, they didn’t write their own material. They didn’t get material written just for them to perform. They were always just “the other half”. It changed in the 90s a bit, I remember a successful female comedy duo “The Missfits”, but not many more. On the podcast they also talked quite a bit about how even these days, still too many intelligent, confident women on TV or elsewhere alter their behaviour – maybe just in tiny bits – when a man is around. They talked about how women in the public eye are still hold to such higher standards than men and all that kind of stuff.

I hadn’t expected to find any segue from this podcast on women’s issue to the UK TV show “Sunday Brunch”, which I watched via catch-up today. I had gotten up too late to watch it in real time, the first attempt to catch-up while it was still going on was aborted after a few minutes so I tried again after it ended. At some time around that the sky outside looked a bit like this, before the rain set in again.

Photo of a blue sky with a few white clouds and one grey one in the bottom right corner
Rare blue sky these days

Later this afternoon the next bout of rain came down. Not very winter-y, but I should probably count my blessing that I don’t live anywhere near a flood risk area, because it’s quite bad elsewhere in Germany.

Bringing my rambling thoughts back to Sunday Brunch, which isn’t a show I’m usually interested in. I think Frank Turner might have been a guest once and I possibly watched that show as well. Today one of my favourite performers Natasha Hodgson from Operation Mincemeat was on and I thought it might be interesting to watch. So I waited till the programme was over, restarted the catch-up in browser tab kept open for as long as needed until her segment was over. Charming and lovely as always.

Screenshot of Tash Hodgson on Sunday Brunch
Tash Hodgson on Sunday Brunch

The show is hosted by two white guys. There were five guests: One woman – Tash – and four guys. Two of them PoC, so there was a bit diversity at least, but I still thought that’s a boring line-up for a show in almost 2024. I was so glad I wasn’t the only one with this thought:

In all fairness though I had a look on the show’s page just now and it seems the previous editions had a more balanced guest list or sometimes even a majority of female guests. With two male hosts that’s still always going to be a bit skewed towards more men visible on that program, right?

Anyway, here is Tash “ruling” the show by doing a press-up in heels.
Screenshot of Tash Hodgson on Sunday Brunch doing a press-up in heels
Queen Tash doing a press-up in heels

2.5 more hours till midnight and the new year. 2.5 more hours till the private fireworks crazy Germans will go crazy. The first firecrackers (today) went of in my neighbourhood around 6 PM. Still a bit later than last year, I think. I will never get the impulse, but arguing about it seems a lost cause in Germany.

I’ve been typing this up for almost an hour when I wanted to stop and post after 25 minutes. So I guess I keep the rest of my thoughts stored up for tomorrow and hopefully they will still make sense to me then.

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