30.12.2023 | Winding Down

A bad “winding down / wind” pun probably exists somewhere in the universe. I can’t think of one yet though and just want to share this picture of 80 m long wind turbine blades stored closed by the nearest motorway junction. They will be transported further at some point, but you can imagine that country roads need to be prepared for that. Not to mention all the permits needed for such a wide and heavy load transport.

Photo of six 80 m long wind turbine blades stored on a field
Green Energy in the making…

There is one day left in the year and days ago people start(ed) sharing 2023 lists. Of the books they’ve read. The gigs they went to. Things they did. Things they (not) want to do in 2024. I haven’t been in the mood for either yet. I don’t even know what I think of 2023. There were good things and not so good things and please anyone hand me a Thesaurus so I can find a different term for “things”. 

I didn’t write here as much or as regularly as I had liked to. My mind has been pretty scattered these past few months, weeks, days. I notice my mind skipping from one thought / activity to another more often than not. I seem to have lost some of my ability to focus in some regards. I can focus on reading a book without problems. Or get things done when I want to. Like book vacations for 2024. A bit on a whim maybe, because there are personal projects – like finally move house – I should focus on in 2024. Also Frank Turner still hasn’t given any indication when he will tour the new album where and I need to know that to make plans for the year, damn it! 

Before the set date with friends to see Operation Mincemeat in April I have now at least booked a few days in Brighton. For the end of the summer I have booked another week in a holiday resort  / apartment building on dutch island: Ameland. I’ve been there before and I think with so much uncertain about when to do what next year I’m more comfortable to vacation in places I know already. The same goes for Brighton in a way, though I have booked a different place to stay than the first time I had been there in 2017

I hesitate to make resolutions for next year, because I so often don’t follow through and then beat myself up about it. Beating me up less about what I do or do not do, might be a good resolution to make. It feels like there is still so much to figure out about myself and why I do what I do or react the way I do. Not sure how I will manage that without an professional help / coach. Self-help books and podcasts can only do so much, right? I also sometimes wonder if I’m thinking about it all and self-diagnose too much anyway. 

One last “first time in my life” happened yesterday: I requested a callback from Amazon for a customer service problem. I know why I try to not order from Amazon all that much, though to be fair they didn’t cause the problem this time: DHL (German Mail Logistics) did and it resulted in me not getting my order and DHL telling me that I need to ask the sender (Amazon in this case) to initiate a tracking request for my order. Have you ever tried to find out how to do that on the Amazon page? If you did manage to, please tell me, because I didn’t find that option. Which led to me giving Amazon my mobile phone number to have someone talk to me. Seconds later my mobile phone rang with a number calling from London, UK. I very much assume that’s just an Amazon switch board and the staff actually sits in one of the many low cost countries around the world. The guy on the line spoke German with a heavy accent and not as good as I had hoped for a custom service agent to talk to a customer calling from Germany. And I felt so bad for him, because he clearly was working from a script and anything I said sort of got him off track and he repeated information over and over again. He also was so painfully subservient and several times assured me that he would do everything he could – like EVERYTHING – to solve it and apologized several times. I don’t know if he was told to talk like that or if it was just in his nature, but it did not feel like a proper natural conversation I would have with a customer service person. 

There is so much wrong with the way we – I included of course – shop these days and I try to do better and to buy in regular shops in my local town / high street or at least proper (department) stores. It’s hard though with the limited stores still left or the stock available in those stores. And I know that my idea of unlimited stock in stores is caused by the ubiquity of the Amazon store, where everything is available all the time. Maybe being more mindful of my impulse to buy something right now should be another resolution for next year. I ordered the fountain pens Amazon didn’t  deliver from the company that makes them in the end. Still an parcel that needs to be packed and transported, but at least the lesser evil. Or that’s what I tell myself at least. 

To give this post some colour after all the black on white typeface here is a shot of the last doodle I’ll probably finish this year. I seldom abort halfway through but I just didn’t like how it had turned out. The 2nd version I like much better. I still messed up some squares, but that’s ok.

Photo of two doodles, one aborted attempt and the new version
Aborted version and the new attempt

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