10.12.2023 | “Pick up That Pen and Paper”

Lyrics: “Try This at Home” – Frank Turner, 2009

Writing | On my book review post yesterday I mentioned that I felt inspired to write a fanfic (?) for the novel “The Idea of You”. I’m not sure if ‘fanfic’ is the right term or if I’ll even finish what I’ve started last night and dabbled further on today. Besides my monkey mind which likes to hop from one thought / idea / distraction to the next, my annoying ‘inner critic’ also makes herself know quite vehemently and makes me doubt myself in so many aspects. Ugh! I’m still hanging in there and that’s all that matters, right?

Photo of a yellow notebook with the words whole-arsed ideas printed on it. A open fountain pen lies on the cover
Using my Mincemeat Journal for gathering story ideas

Work | It’s the usual end-of-the-year rush in various projects. Plus the first Christmas party (of the whole department) last week. That was quite lovely. This week our team will do our team christmas thing and that will be just as nice, I’m sure. Even with the amount of work at the moment and the often stressful feeling of overwhelm, I rather enjoy my job and spending time with and getting to know my coworkers. I know how to count my blessings at least. But I’m still glad to have a few days off over Christmas and New Year.

On My Own | Tonight I’ll attend a local Christmas Entertainment event on my own. I did invite some friends to come along, but sadly neither could make it work. In general I don’t mind doing things on my own: going to the movies, gigs, travelling. I’m fine on my own and would hate to miss out on things just because I don’t find anyone to accompany me. It’s a bit different here at home, because my role in local politics makes me a tiny bit of a public figure. At the event tonight there will be people who (only) know me from that role and vice versa. I admit I worry of what they might think of me if I’m showing up on my own. Isn’t that stupid? I know it is, and I still worry a bit. Why do I think they might judge in any way that I’m showing up by myself? And even if they would, why should I care? It’s the 21st century. Women are allowed to do things on their own. Unaccompanied by anyone. Ugh! I really don’t like where my mind takes me sometimes.

This & That | I finally got round to check off a few random things from my to-do-list.

  • I helped a friend with an advertisement for a flat she’s put on the market.
  • I took care of the local Greens finances for the month
  • I booked my hotel for my first London / Operation Mincemeat trips in February

I still need to come up with things to do in London besides seeing my favourite musical. If anyone can recommend any good play / musical / museum / exhibition… Hit me with it.

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