06.10.2023 | Lifts & Locks

While I’m typing this I’ve got “The Rookie” season 4 finale on on my TV. OMG, what happened to that show? They lately had a tendency to go a bit over the top with plotlines or on issues, but the Mexico stand-off and the doppelganger in this finale were so ludicrous. And then they end with a cliff-hanger? Oh well, I think a break after my binge won’t be so bad.

Self-Awareness moment of my day? I need to be more assertive about my own plans and demands or request with the people I work with. My supervisor in particular. I had wanted to leave work around 2, but also needed to get some feedback from him for the two tasked I needed to finish this week. He knew that, so I kept busy during the morning and waited for him to get in touch. Around 1 I called to remind him, so we scheduled a video call for 1:30. Consequently I didn’t leave work before 2:45. It wasn’t really a big deal, but I realized it could have been avoided had I been communicating with him earlier. Or clearer?

This all might be common knowledge and routine behaviour for well-adjusted people in their 40s. I’m still learning and that’s fine.

The weather was supposed to be lovely today so I packed my camera in the morning and had planned to stop somewhere for a walk and some photography before I had to run some errands. In the end I picked the “boat lift park”, where two canals meet and there have been various boat lifts in operation since 1899. The last time I have been there as far as I recall was a primary school trip 40 years ago.

It was a very warm afternoon, I walked much more than expected (incl 132 steps up the top structure of the oldest lift).

the canal before the locks
The canal before the lift and locks
Boat Lift from 1899
Boat Lift from 1899
On top of the old boat lift looking ahead
On top of the boat lift
On top of the old boat lift looking down
On top of the boat lift, looking down
The disused lock from 1914, you can now walk down through it
The disused lock from 1914, you can now walk down through it
The disused lift from the 1960s
The disused lift from 1962
The modern lock in operation
The remaining lock in operation
Autumn is here…

After that: errands, pizza, TV (see above), soon off to bed. Boring as fuck and I don’t care…

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