04.10.2023 | Jinxed It

at least I don’t have troubles falling asleep [….] when I wake up for a short time during the night

From yesterday’s post

That totally jinxed it. I was awake way too early today and did not fall back asleep. Thus I will crawl into this soon…

My comfy bed

…and the cycle of early nights and early mornings will continue. Maybe I’m in the mood to write down some thoughts on all the possible prompts I jotted down today during the day.

The location of my first dental implant started to feel a bit tender two days ago (at least that’s the first time I recall noticing it). It’s not gotten better on it’s own, my dentist’s practice is closed this week, so tomorrow I’ll also need to decide if I want to try to get an emergency appointment at his proxy. Ugh. All stuff I don’t need, especially as it already got the worry spiral started. I really don’t like my mind sometimes…

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