03.08.2023 | Fangirling Galore

After I publish this quick post I’ll be logging into work from home for the morning. Clock out at 12.30, gather the rest of my things and plan to head out around 13.00. Drive to Brussels, get on the Eurostar. Spend basically just one day – tomorrow (Friday) – in London to watch “Operation Mincemeat” one more time again. [They extended till the end of February 2024, so I’m sure I’ll go another time in early 2024].

On Saturday I’ll head back to Brussels, get in my car and drive up to Duffel, where Frank Turner will be headlining Brakrock Festival in the evening. The forecast for Saturday in Belgium has quite a bit of rain in it. So I’ll stuff a variety of footwear and rain gear in my car and see how it will go. The things I do as a fangirl. But: YOLO. And I’m only half-ironic about that. Do the things that give you joy and that nourish your soul and mind, while you can. And it’s been too long since I’ve seen Frank live on a stage, so I’ll gladly brave a bit of rain on Saturday. At least I say that now 😉

I’ll probably be updating a lot on my Instagram Stories the next three days to share details of this fangirling endeavour.


There is still so much rain coming down here in Germany, it’s annoying…

Windowpane with raindrops at the bottom

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